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Monday, 20 June 2011

Zetti My first time

I have never done anything zetti, you will find my blog zettiless ;0) as I don't really warm to it probably because I don't understand what it is all about. I know it's quirky and black and white (sometimes) and mixed animals but I don't know WHY? and I know lots of you out there are zetti mad so can some one tell me what it is? what is it for?  or is it just odd abstract art? Any way I was asked to join in with a swap I advised I didn't really know what it was all about and they said it's a challenge dive in. Me I love a real challenge (I was so out of my comfort zone) I have made one with out knowing a whole lot about it and hope it hits the mark.

So tell me honestly is it a zetti? is it any good? After I made it I thought well I think it fit the criteria and I was kind of pleased with it. Not sure it's one of my fave art forms though lol ;0) Here's hoping I have made you smile this Monday morning, Have a great week. Love Dawn xx


Gaby Bee said...

This card is stunning!

Have a wonderful week!
Gaby xo

Melodie said...

yoooo-hooo another hit by Dawn!!! Love, love the legs!!

Twiglet said...

Just got to tell you!!! I ordered a Tim Holtz tattered flowers die for our Bug and it came today - fabric flowers all over the place now- lol- I love it!! Think Annie and I will have a fine old time with it so keep a look out on our blogs over the next few weeks. Thanks lots again - x Jo

Ido said...

It's beautiful!
Have a lovely first day of summer!
XXX Ido said...

I love it!!
Stretching your wings, going outside your comfort-zone to discover new techniques.
It's great to be playful with art, isn't it?! :]

PetraB said...

This is really awesome, a true Zetty.

Netty said...

Terrific page Dawn and lots of lovely bits to look at.


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