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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

no crafting but lots of gardening!

These are my peas I am so excited about these have tried before but failed because I didn't know what I was doing thought they would just grow up the fence but no they are self climbers but they need something to get to grips with lol so they are all cained and climbing nicely! You can see a few gaps well we have corn ( I know UK corn lol) you can see six with canes (they don't need canes but it keeps the dog from treading on them! Peppers six of those to the right! Oh Under the tunnel is our winter veg, carots parsnop sprouts lol and when we pull up the potates to the left we will have more room to plant them out when the are seedlings yay!
I planted these two years ago and now we are getting a nice mature plant with fruit!

Can you see my peas how cute can't wait to see them flowering!

I love gardening, well not so much I just direct now lol and I have directed quite well lol. If you ever thought, "I can't grow food, it must be hard". Honest it is one of Gods most natural gifts to us and I marvel at a tiny seed turning into a tomato plant we don't even buy seeds now we just take them out of the food we eat put them on the window sill to dry out then save them until it's time to plant them out. We do this with peppers and pumpkins (you need a bit of room for squash they like to spread out!) it's that simple actually I do help in the garden but less at digging and so on lol. I am growing peas this year too! there are some photos to look at but I started a few years ago I am still learning and I make mistakes too but what does it cost? not much! and if it grows look at what you get and you will never taste better! then your own fresh grown food (the satisfaction is part of it) but we did a comparison test with tomatoes etc and there was NO comparison (now I know why tomatoes are a fruit, so so sweet when grown at home! Look at my herb tub. Right near the back door so the smell wafts as you walk in and out I have a large Rosemary bush on the other side.

My very favorites, Strawberry's, well actually I love lots of fruits but when you grow yr own it's nicer and they taste great! I'm not a lover of rhubarb but hubby is and often had me doing his very favorite Rhubarb crumble! and wimberry pie (they grow wild near us).

Well I don't do much gardening Hubby does it I just supervise since I am now disabled! :-( I love the garden though and I try to utilise the small space we have (and it is so easy to grow food!) you have got to have a go honest! I started with herbs on the window sill and put them out side I had a stray blackberry bush in my gdn it took over a bit so I pulled it out and decided to start growing strawberry's instead ( that was 4/5 years ago, we have lots of blackberry bushes on walks where we live so hubby and boys collect when out with the dog and I make pies & jam mmmm we have steadily started growing more and more and I think with things the way they are very prudent too to have food in the garden (FREE natural FOOD) heaven only knows what we have been and still are eating, we can't all afford to buy organic stuff (wish i could i would) but we can all afford to grow something.

You don't need a Huge garden either a pot will do for tomartoes you can even grow a few carrots in old pop bottles and good for the kids too to see the roots and food growing (where it comes from) lots of schools are getting involved. I believe that is a good thing!
I was in a super market at Christmas time and I saw a child asking his mother what (sprouts on the stalk) were you never see them grow so how would he/she know I didn't know until later we have grown our own sprouts too last year, we are continually experimenting. We still have to grow a full grown cucumber (haven't managed it yet) we havwe goosberrys (also hubby fav) not to metion just planted our winter veg


brenda said...

Wow Dawn, your garden veggies look as though they are coming on really well. I'll show my hubby the pictures as all I've seen recently is some lettuce and rhubarb - mind you that did make a lovely crumble last night.

I was brought up with home grown veg and didn't know what it was to buy it from a shop until I got married and my oh my, did I realise then the difference in taste.

There is something very rewarding about eating your own produce as well as the nutritional elements that I'm convinced are missing in much of what you buy from supermarkets.

Happy gardening and hopefully a bit of crafting as well.

B x

coldwaters2 said...

My word Dawn it looks fantastic oh boy to see all that lovely home grown and healthy produce my my taste buds tingle. I bet the taste is out of this world certainly not like the store bought rubbish which has no taste and you can tell it been in the freezer yuk. One thing though I have never met anyone enthuse over peas as much as you lol...but I must admit they look splendid.

Lorraine x

Dazie said...

Wow what a fab job you have done growing all that lot!!! I am having a go at growing my own veggies this year, I am growing spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, tomato's, carrots, beetroot, coriander and thyme. So far its all going well!


brenda said...

Morning Daw, the other one is Big Ben !

Have a good day - my hubby says the garden needs rain, so guess you are the same.

B x

jajeem said...

Hi Dawn,

I think I like to order an organic salad :-) Chickens are great insect eaters

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Dawn wow love the vegies they look nice and healthy and taste so much better straight from plot. Used to do all this when i 1st got married. Oh i am with hubby any spare crumble you know where i live. Lol
ps didnt order any whiff of joy but will be doing had to get my summer tilda and some promarkers and my diecutter gave up so new big shot came friday. No spending for a month or so i think oh well can dream. Have a lovely day hope the rain clears. Sue xx

alison59 said...

Well done Dawn. Home grown food tastes soooooo delicious. All organic and healthy too with no food miles so good for the environment. This year I'm growing runner beans, kale, bn squash, caulis, courgettes, spring/normal/red onions, garlic, sorrell,parsnips, sprouts, celery, leeks, loganberryand gooseberry all in a tiny plot!!! Enjoy your harvest xx

Kim Dellow said...

Your veggies look yummy, Oh to have a garden. Enjoy. Kim

Fiona Whitehead said...

Your garden looks great - we have a problem with rabbits which eat nearly everything we try and plant! A great receipe for Rhubarb - sweet and sour pork - it really works - its a Jamie Oliver recipe and we tried it the other night and was yummy - you couldn't taste the rhubarb - it just added the sour element.

Crafty Dawn said...

I am so happy to hear of so many of you growing your own food how wonderful! and thouse with out a garden, buy a tub or two you can grow lots in tubs from herbs, tomatoes, potatoes etc no excuse to get some of the good stuff!

Love Dawn xx


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