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Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday Monday

Looks good to me...... Well the weather is set to improve for the week, sun for all the UK woo hoo. Hello fellow bloggers I have been ill and not crafting much however, I am working on a project that I can not share with you as yet as it is for a fellow crafter but I assure you once I send it off and she has received it I will let you all in on it. I am sure lots of you do the same too. I also want to say a big thank you to my new followers. I am so pleased so many of you are leaving wonderful comments too, so wonderful to stop by your blogs and share in your obvious talent.

Now I have three sons, and my baby has almost left high school and has had his Prom  last week. I thought I would share a few photos I took of this handsome young man with you all so here he is my baby, Matthew.

Now this sixteen year old is my baby only 6'3 good prospects and too yummy for words lol but then I would say that as I am his mum ha ha

Too cool for school. So to all you mums who have a girl and are starting high school this year START SAVING NOW! I swear, it was like forty wedding days when I dropped my Matthew off. I could say a lot on this subject but I don't want to be called a party pooper! I think it is important to celebrate but really American prom isn't until after college (about 18yrs) and although I agree they should have a celebration of finishing school I am not so sure I would have gone this far, is that just me? am I being a party pooper?

So my Grandson is back with his mum safe and sound, my time is my own again ye ha. and I am feeling much better this week so far, so  I am going to wish you all a fantastic week enjoy the weather don't forget the sun cream, so many people burnt after Saturdays yummy weather, and thank you to my new followers and a BIG thank you to all that comment your all super. Love Dawn xx


Wipso said...

What a yummy son you have.....This sounds like a 'young man' moment. I intend blogging my yummy son later today cos he met Ernest yesterday. hehehe
A x

Linda Ledbetter said...

Honey, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! I hope you're better this morning.

Your son is movie-star handsome!

Terry said...

Wonderful pictures of your son! Hope you get to feeling much better!!!

flutterbycrafter said...

What a hand some young man, those girls better watch out

Jo said...

What a gorgeous lad you have there! I'm in total agreement with you about the whole proms thing - it all seems to get way out of proportion with limos etc. Thankfully Luke's prom in a couple of weeks is more of a meal and disco (they're not very posh at his school!). But I think I'd better start saving for Hope's 'do' (she's only 13 now but it's a BIG THING at her school, all girls, can you imagine all that hairspray?). Really sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly, I hope the sunshine helps. xxx

Karen said...

Awe your Matthew is a very handsome young man and looks super cool in his suit! When my daughter had her 16yr prom I cried like a narna cos they all looked sooo grown up haha!

Hope the sunshine helps you feel better soon honey XXX

brenda said...

Hi Dawn

Sorry you have been poorly, I am sure the sunshine when it arrives will help make you feel better.

What a handsome lad,you must be very prod of him. Our Zachary has his prom next week. I love the idea, it's so nice to see them all dressed up.

B x

Chris said...

Awww sorry you have been feeling poorly hun... glad you are on the mend :D
Blimey your son IS tall and oh boy what a hansome laddie too... and no doubt a credit to his Mum.
Thankfully for me when DD left school aons ago... they hadn't quite adopted the 'prom' nights... wipes brow in
Chris xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. You have a very sexy son. I bet he's a real heart throb.

As for American proms: they are usually called Jr/Sr. You must be one or the other to be invited, but you can invite a date who is younger or older. Most people stick with their age group, but some don't.

Many of the prom dresses cost a fortune, anywhere from $200-$400. The corsage is in the range of $30.00 (all money is US), and the boutineer is around $15.00. Then there's the LIMOUSINE, which runs anywhere from $50.00 up, depending on what area of the country you live in. Many after parties are school sponsored, but some are at private places, and there is an admission charge. So, it's no picnic here, either. Glad I only have a cat and he's not the dating type.

trisha too said...

Very fun--he's tall!!

Oh my gosh.

My son wore a regular black suit, with a tie to match his girlfriend's dress.

His girlfriend wore a very pretty dress that cost about $50, and her corsage PLUS the flower for my son were about $30.

They rode in his car, with friends.

They ate at a moderately priced restaurant.

They all had a fantastic time!

He actually went to prom three years in a row; his first prom date was a friend, and she wore a gorgeous dress from a thrift shop.

ANYWAY, it all depends on your perspective, I guess. These kids had other things they wanted to spend their money on!

Michele said...

i join with the others in hoping you feel much better soon Dawn. good job on raising a lovely young man. xo.

Lynn Stevens said...

What a handsome young man, It cracked me up how he started out all pulled together complete with tie, then slowly started removing piece by piece! LOL

Hope your feeling better!!!!

Carol said...

what a handsome boy - and I must add, that you don't look old enough to be a Nanna!!

I totally agree with you on the prom thing! mind you, I hired my daughters dress, and bought the shoes etc, we didn't spend that much but some peeps spent extortionate amounts of money its ridiculous when you think how far that would go with uni costs!!

hope you're feeling much better today x


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