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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Afternoon every one, Thank you for all your concern over my fall, as I said though, I am just brused and sore ;0) honest I am a dosey mare! And you are all so sweet.  Looks like blogger had problems and you couldn't see my photos. Well all is back now so if you would like to pop to yesterdays post be my guest ;0) Now for this weeks desk. For more details pop along to my side bar just click the WOYWW symbol  to go to Julias blog.

Now bottom left are some fridge magnets that need some Araldite glue. I try to get a magnet from every where I go or a friend will bring me back one from there trip/hols I would love a Paris one, my son went and said he couldn't find one? There is also a new cat cup (the cup isn't new just it's position on my craft table ha ha) I have decided to keep all my paint brushes and pallet knives in. Then some beautiful serviettes from York and I have just finished my first padded hanger, I used Cath Kidson material and I love her stuff.

Here is a better photo of my hanger.  (please don't look at the weeds I just haven't been able to get out and do them) This is the first  time I have made one and I'm not that thrilled with it, although I followed the pattern I think I will alter the next one. I'd like to round the corners more and put much more padding on as well.

One last photo (the close up ;0) isn't this material wonderful? I bought some more to and thankfully I got there and there was a sale, yay instead of £18 a meter only £14 very pleased,  as her things are expensive but I love them any way. There is a running stich on the top and then it's tied off. I think I would also like to alter this too. That's the wonderful thing isn't it, if you have a basic pattern you can always add your own twist on things can't you? I was also treated to a few Birthday gifts in York lask week, which have been put away. With my memory though, I have already forgot what he bought me so it will be a surprise (I will be 41 in Sunday) past middle age now, lol ROFL And my DARLING HUSBAND  has just bought me the BEST GIFT! And I will tell you more about this most exciting gift tomorrow,  ha ha love to keep you in suspense, thank you for stopping by. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Normal hanger, Old T-Shirt for padding. Cath Kison material. and Stampin' Up! Ribbon.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love that hanger. And also got to see the lovely tea cup from yesterday. What was up with Blogger, anyway? Glad it's sorted out, now. Happy birthday a few days early. Of course, I'll be back to wish you a proper birthday, too. Happy WOYWW, also.

Anonymous said...

The hanger is lovely, gorgeous fabric! Hope your bruises are going down now, remember to take more water with it next time Dawn! xx

Lynn Stevens said...

Your hanger is darling Dawn. Your going to be 41! Congrats!! yes its all down hill now. LOL, just kidding of course. Can't wait to see what your DH got you.
sorry to hear about your fall but glad your o.k!
hugs Lynn

IsaNorris said...

beautiful hanger. Hope you are feeling better soon

Wipso said...

What pretty fabric you have used for your hanger.
A x

Angie said...

I didnt like CK at first but now I'm getting into her stuff ...managed to break Vicki's CK mug ...and they dont do it any more ....I felt terrible just spun out of my hands.

Julia Dunnit said...

Good job on the hanger - I'm with you - more wadding. It is love ly htough and although I wouldn't make a beeline for the CK material, I do like the style - like the lovely napkins on your desk, beautiful. Glad you're mending, a fall like that leaves you shaken huh.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

You are certainly right that fabric is divine...and the hanger looks lovely.



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