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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tea cup Tuesday 23 and Introducing, Paris!

So it's Tea Cup Tuesday again with Martha and Terry and together they share the most wonderful collections of china and invite you to do the same. Now, I am no way in their league in knowledge or in amount of china I have but all are welcome and there are some really lovely people to out there to meet!

I have a black one like this (well similar) and I just love them both. this little one isn't perfect as the green enamel has a couple of little white specks visible however the gilding and painted roses are just so gorgeous!

I am sure the avid collectors out there spotted this little beauty for an Aynsley straight away. so I have a few of these now and they are fast becoming a favourite with me. I have building my little collection up of this and that and hope to be back next week with more TC&S to share.

Meet Paris. Any regular followers will know  have been waiting for some kittens to be ready at the local rescue center of dogs and cats near us in Hyde. and the kitten we were hoping to get is still not ready however on going in to see how the new kittens were doing  saw this darling kitten in a cage by her self and when I read the story I had to bring her home there and then. This poor beautiful little kitten was found roaming some grass land not far from a stream/canal. Completely on her own. a search was made for her mother and siblings but no others were found so how this poor little one came to be on her own we can only guess. But as there were no residential houses close buy it's any ones guess how she came to be on her own wandering around. (I don't even want to think about it)

Here she is bathing!

This is her showing off her new collar which is still far too big!

And here you get a real close up! My hubby is just amazed how people can do these things and she will now have a wonderful safe home. As predicted Dude, loves his new playmate ;0) here he is peeping at her from the table while Paris plays under the table. This was so funny she spotted him and ran up the stairs and Dude gave chase. She was a little frightened when he caught up with her but he did nothing he just wanted her to play tag and that was that for the next ten minuets them two running up and down the stairs. Hunny is not impressed however. She has twice gone for  Paris in a aggressive way but she'll come round. Her and Dude are best friends now I just think she's bit jealous. Well that's all from me for today thank you for your visits. Love Dawn xx


Jo said...

You do realise you're turning into a mad Cat Woman, don't you?! But that's a good thing, of course. Darling Paris is gorgeous and so lucky to have found you. Congratulations to you, hubby, and your other felines. Are you still going to be getting the other kitten you were waiting for.....? x

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Dawn---she is adorable!!! Wow, I can't believe what people do's creepy...She is so precious AND I love her name!!! I have a gorgeous rescue cat too...It was after Hurricane Katrina...she was abandoned...(not lost in the storm...abandoned a couple of years after it.) So, she went to all these people on the block and NO ONE would feed her...awful!

So, she came to my kitchen window which is a bay window and sat out there and meowed...I fed her and asked my husband if we could bring her in...He said, "No way!" I fed her for six months! Finally, a hurricane was coming and he let me bring her in...yeah! She's been here ever since (almost 2 years.)

But, now I've got to tell you the rest...When I was little, I saw a movie called Stella Dallas...At the end of the movie (real tear jerker) this mother watches her daughter get married thru a bay window...she can't attend the wedding...I named the kitty Stella because she sat at the bay window and never gave up!

But, it is also in reference to New Orleans because in that movie with Marlon Brando, the woman's name is Stella in a Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams..See, I write for the newspaper and he used to write for the same newspaper...

I know--lots of information, but I think pets come into our lives for a reason and since I love pet stories I thought you would too!!!

Thanks so much for linking this up!
and hugs to "Paris!"

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Beautiful teacups Dawn.
Ah Paris is absolutely gorgeous :-)
Anne x

Terry said...

This tea cup is my favorite so far that you have shared. Love the rose design on the inside! I am glad this kitty has a great new home. All my dogs have been rescued and I can't believe that people just discard any animal like garbage! It really saddens me! Enjoy your new kitty!

Terri said...

Love your Ansley! And yes, the colored outside with the flowers inside does give it away. I have two of these type cups and I love them too. Your is really pretty. And I love the green color.
Paris is adorable!

Lynn Stevens said...

oh how adorable! Kittens are just the sweetest things and shes so lucky to have found a new loving home. Paris is a perfect name for her and glad shes already made a friend!
hugs Lynn

brenda said...

Hi Dawn

I love the beautiful pieces of china you share with us.

And two new moggies, so adroable - I bet they don't cry at night as much as our new pair did last night. Hopeing for a better one tonight, our eyes are on stops now. I'm none to sure of the wisdon of having them right on the back of our holiday though.

Yes we do still have Bernie, six of them in total now - Bernie, Buffy, George, Abby plus the new recruits Daisy and Lily. We are fortunate in that we do have lots of space and two acres of garden plus paddocks so room for Noah's Arc.

Have been trying to get a picture of them all togehter but is near impossible. I have a few nice ones of Bernie and the pups which I will share in the next day or so.

B x

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Dawn: I hope you are well my friend. I just love that tea cup. Very pretty. Paris is delightful, you are a good woman. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Maya said...

Gorgeous tea cup!
And what an adorable kitten :)
Hugs from Maya

parTea lady said...

Your teacup is a real beauty. I love that deep green color and the gorgeous rose inside the cup.

The new kitten is adorable - glad she has found such a loving new home.

Michele said...

another gorgeous teacup! and your dear Paris has rather big feet i'd say. :-) what a sweetie she is and what sweeties you and DH are for giving her a home.


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