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Monday, 10 October 2011

Messing with Masking fluid

Hi everyone, I have been playing with some masking fluid (MF) in a couple of ways but there are lots of other ways to use this great stuff. First make sure you have an airy room or a window open, this is really smelly stuff ;0) but so versatile. I have first just dripped the fluid over white CS allowed to dry and then sprayed colour wash over, blot with kitten towel (don't throw these away they are very useful.) and dry gently with heat gun. Then just rub the MF and it peels off like a glue. You can then stamp or what ever you like as you back ground is done. I like the third one best here as I've used several colours and used less MF. but that is all part of the fun you will never get two back grounds the same ;0)

 Another cool way is to paint using the MF First I sprayed the tag an orange colour, then painted using the MF When it's dry I sprayed another colour on the stop (i was a little too heavy with it lol) blot and dry then add details to the shape with a permanent marker. I added eyes, mouth and lined the pumpkin! You can do lots of other things too, I am just beginning to play around, why not use this in journal pages as well? Which reminds me I have my challenge for October which is all about Autumn over on Journal Journey's I do hope you will stop by and join in ;0) You can also paint ontop of details you have on a card, page etc and the add other things on to and they will still be under the MF protected, then when you have finished just rub away and the detail will appear again.

I have also been experimenting a little with this new resist paper, I have the craft Christmas set of Tim's but I don't know if I will ever use it? maybe I just need to play with it more, but I'm just not that pleased with it so far (and you know how I love all things tim) any way, I adore this card from Happy Daze you can see I used it in the back ground to the other tags I photographed above. And here I have used some fabby stamps from Dina Wakley. You will be able to use chalk, ink and sprays with this paper I have to play some more but I thought it such a good find I would share it ;0) Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment, it's always lovely to hear from you. Love Dawn xx


JeanFB said...

How fun! I used to own masking fluid in my watercolor days.... it's been on my current wish list for a while. You've inspired me... I'm going to go for it, LOL! Love seeing your tags.

Bubbles said...

Masking fluid was something I'd seen, knew I might want to have a play.... and then kinda forgot about it *lol*
Now, I'm reminded... and it does look like you had a LOT of fun - love that pumpkin :)


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