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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My First Christmas cards

Hi me again, how is your day going? it's still wet here in the NW of the UK So plenty of reason to be crafting. I am however finding it hard at the moment. I just keep making things hoping desperately that something will come to mind. It's not just the mojo, it's my passion for crafting it's self that seems to have left me. I am so sad about my feeling towards crafting at this moment. I hope it lifts soon. So I thought I would try some new stamps, I have bought some of Tim's new Christmas ones they are fab. I really like them but I just can't think how to use them (mind is so not working here). My theory is when lack of mojo hits, is just to make anything and keep going until you start getting some where.

As you can see, both are very similar, I think they will pass to give someone (just) but I can't help but thinking I am still way out from where I would like to be. There is something missing from both the cards, maybe a sentiment of the angel one, but what about the top one? What can I add to make them better cards? any suggestions? Maybe it's because I haven't made any cards for ages but I think I'm kidding my self by saying that.

These were my first attempts and these will not be going anywhere but the bin! (although I may cut the hearts out for journal pages). These are just total disasters, I was trying to create one layer cards, but these just don't look right to me at all. So I think this has been a brave thing for me to do, show my worst makes of the day! lol Although they won't be a complete waste of time, as I will salvage something from these two mistakes (card and hearts) So how is your crafting day going? Love Dawn xx


Bubbles said...

If in doubt, and something feels left out ...
(ooh, I'm a poet, and I didn't know it! LOL)
... add a swirl, faux stitching, or a flower or two (with added glitter, flitter, lustre, or stickles for Christmas)

I so hope your mojo gets back from vacation soon!
All kudos to you though, because when my mojo disappears, I just can't craft at all!


Hi Dawn
Your cards are fabulous
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Cheryl said...

oh hun sorry you are feeling like this but know were you are coming from,try takeing a day or too off,then just get some bits out and just play with nothing particular in mind worked for me,but what you have made hun are beautiful especially love those hearts hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

craftattack said...

I LOVE the cards with the hearts! Very grungy and great colours! Be kind to yourself, give yourself time, and things will get better! Hugs, Valerie

Dawn said...

Ladies thank you so much for your kind words and ideas ;0) Dxx

Karen said...

My day so far? full of faffing around with a card hahaha!!! My mojo is on part time duties I think...why do we always get the best ideas at night?

I actually like your heart cards but I think I would add some doodling or stitching round the edges. HUGS xxx

Anesha said...

Hi Dawn, the cards look lovely. Really like the first heart card, you should be pleased with them. Thank you for your sweet comment, Skipper was 11 last May and her little visit to the cattery led to a bit of weight loss. :) Have a good day. :)

Ido said...

Love those cards, turned out great! You gave me an idea, I will make my own Christmas cards this season, I never give out cards, just presents, but if they come with a card better.
Thank you!
Have a nice day!


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