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Monday, 7 September 2009

Morning, look NO STAMPS! I was pretty miserable with my card I did for all sorts last week, I though gosh I didn't used to use stamps at all, what did I do before, I just couldn't think lol any whoo 'Our Kid' (my younger sister) wanted a card for a friend of hers and she is preggers how sweet? Well our kid likes contemporary or funny cards she has never asked me for a card before as my style doesn't suit her, but after looking and not been able to find one, she asked me lol (nice to know I am the last resort lol) well I have made two please see below wasn't happy with the inside too much so thought I would make another, I think she will go with this one even though the other one took me THREE hours to make and this one only one hour.
I though of bump as it had to say something like congrats on yr bump or something similar and I thought mmmm yep you certainly get a bump and things don't fit too well hence the lace up detail & distressed edges I love the brightness of this card as it really is a wonderful thing to be (well most of the time lol) maybe not. Well if you don't think of the negatives creating life is a miracle of God and a wonderful thing to celebrate don't you think? So these colours from American Crafts were just super bright & cheerful.
I will let you know which card she chooses, they are both really nice it depends on your personal taste I suppose. I enjoyed making both I have to say. Which one do you prefer?

Better get to the Items Used: American craft (AC) DP ala cart & BUMP letters AC remarks BABY letters RUB-ON, fibers papermainia. Inside Stickles diamond glue Anna Griffin vellum baby seniments. Tools: Stampin up distress tool Martha Stewart punch. Thank you for looking. Love Dawn xx

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Aunty Sue said...

oh wow what a clever idea. love it. Hope you are keeping well


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