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Monday, 14 September 2009

Award Time

Yep Award time I love getting these as I have said before so I won't go on with my self I received this from Chery's such a sweet heart I love her blog & visit most days I love her ATCs not that I make them but I do love her style so pop along and go see Cheryl’s blog and all the goodies she makes. there was a chice of awards Smile, Love, Hugs as well as others so I just had a Smile and a Love as I love every one I send a comment I truly meen it I love all my visitors and those I visit you all meen so much to me I am happy you call in my blog and leave good wishes and enjoy my efforts thank you to all of you xx

A condition of the award is that we have to link back to the person who gave you the blog and 5things about yourself

  • I love animals (but not moths sorry)
  • I am a total addict to craft (you know that already)
  • I prefer my brew in a cup and sauser (china, don't ask ;-)
  • I am a Grand mother (and loving it)
  • My Husband is the love of my life & my best friend.
So that's my five questions and the people I am awarding the awards to take one or both of the awards and link back to me and tell me five thing about you are:-

1 Alison she doesn't have a blog but she is a super crafter and friend

2 Anesha

3 Cheryl

4 Dianne

5 Karen have to say she has some great videos to watch!

I would ask you to pop along to all the blogs above as they are gifted women I am sure you will enjoy looking at thier blogs as much as I do. Thank you for looking. Love Dawn xx



Hi Dawn
thankyou for the lovely award and for visiting my blog,
Hugs Dianne xx

Anesha said...

Thank you for the lovely award, will pick it up later ;-) Hugs Anesha


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