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Monday, 9 April 2012

ATC Swap!

Hi guys and I hope you have had a wonderful rest on the Easter break. We all had a fab Easter here in  our house, apart from the rain it hasn't stopped all day today (Monday) typical B.H. for England. Any way I wasn't going to share this swap with you until I also got Wendy's swap however, something completely bizarre has happened.

Wendy kindly agreed to do a swap with me because the swap club she helps run only swaps in USA & Canada. And I was so looking forward to joining in. She suggested we do a swap together on the months theme which was 'Springtime in Paris'.

And these were the ATCs I sent her along with a wee gift bag. Now the wonderful Customs and Exercise people decided to a) open and search my parcel and b) take two of the ATCs for them self!  How shocking?

I have no idea why they would do such a thing nothing living or against the rules as far as I am aware although I did put a few lavender flower specks in to give the parcel a nice smell but why would they then send some of the parcel and not all of it? As all the ATCs were wrapped in the same sealed packet? I am baffled. Any way Wendy I am so sorry about this I have no Idea why they would do such a thing. Any way here is a view of those I sent to you. 

Have any of you had your ATCs taken. I have to say this isn't the first time it's happened to me I lost a full set I sent in a swap in the UK the envelope never arrived at all. I think we have some postys who can't resist a bit of pocket art. Love Dawn xx


Blissfull ATC swap said...

Dawn Found them!!!!!!! I open the bag as you said they were all in the same bag and bang!!! there they are.... they were all stuck together so they didn't take them but there's is no lavender at all..... just a lovely smell

I'm so glad you posted I hope their office smells nice with the lavender thank you

Daniele said...

what a lovely collection of atcs, lots of lovely details

craftattack said...

Sorry you lost your ATCs at the customs. I often have to go to the customs to collect my things, but have not lost anything yet. It just sometimes takes an awful long time till things arrive! Have a good week, hugs, Valerie

Cheryl said...

oh Hun,sorry to hear about you loosing,your ATC's at customs.
These are a brilliant set of ATC's Hun super image,hugs Cherylxxxxxxx

Karen said...

Awe, thank goodness they were found alright my lovely! Maybe the sniffer dogs found the lavendar? HUGS xxx

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my, I had read that your ATC's went missing then read Wendy post. Thank goodness she received all of them. I have heard of others losing things in the mail. Its such a shame.
Beautiful ATC's. I'm sure she is thrilled!
hugs Lynn


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