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Friday, 20 April 2012

Learning Crochet

Hi good morning, this weather is really getting me down. Having a lot of pets all the rain equals mud & lots of paw prints all over the house. What happened to my sunshine everything is grey out side! Anyway enough wining about the weather, it doesn't change it does it? I mentioned a few posts ago that I got a new subscription to Mollie Makes Magazine and with it was this book. So I went to a charity shop and bought some wool and got started that very evening. I can now crochet squares and change the colours. You Tube is fab for everything, including crochet.

If you have never crochet before here is a great demo for beginners, although she is a be wooden when talking the actual video is a good one. I want to make some flowers and there are only too many wonderfully talented women & men willing to teach you. I am glad I could watch You Tube as it's really easy to get the hang of it (I learn better when I am shown)

These are wonderful, but I am not at this stage yet! But it's wonderful to go around all the links etc having a look at what people are doing out there. There is so much choice and I am sure you will find some one you will like and stick to if you want to learn or if you already know how to crochet you can find some really great projects & patterns for FREE!

This is a 10 minuet video but I promise you ladies even if you don't crochet you will love the woman in this video, this is such a work of art and took so many years this dear old woman chats about family & her mother who taught her to crochet. I fell in love with this lady and I am sure you will too

OK I hope you enjoyed this crochet post for a change Love Dawn xx


Lynn Stevens said...

How pretty Dawn, I've only crocheted a few times and that was so many years ago. I don't even remember how. sheesh...
Have fun and stay warm!
hugs Lynn

craftattack said...

Have fun. I started crochet as a very small girl, and still enjoy it! Valerie

April Cole said...

WOW... Dawn,
love all the videos and info, thank you! :]
Have a blast.

whyte said...

Hi Dawn, found you over on the FB group Art for Art Sake and followed you here to your blog. I'm a crocheter, but always forget about YouTube.....thank you for the reminder! I need to knit again, I saw your lovely scarf below! Gorgeous with the ribbon yarn!


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