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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Knitted scarf for Summer

Hello ladies, I have the worst cold I have had in what seems like forever (isn't that always the way when we have a cold) Man flu pooey, I am ill and should be in bed, but a woman has things to do and one of those yummy things I like to do is pop in to blog land. A reward after doing two lots of washing and changing the bed (but hubby will have to make it I am done in lol) I need lemon & hunny some chicken soup and a new box of tissues ha ha. Over the last couple of nights I made this lovely scarf so I thought I would share. Do you like?

I knitted this with jumbo needles 15mm so you get this very light weight lace scarf. I love the colours very Summery and lovely to go with a blouse etc. I have also been finally learning to crochet over the the last two weeks and I am successfully making granny squares but I will leave this for another post he he. Well I have some things to make for a couple of swaps I'm involved with to 'achoo' "bless me" I must go off and create lol I almost like this bad weather we're having as it keeps me in to craft. (almost) I SO prefer the SUN heat warmth Achoo oh excuse me. Well I suppose I had better clean all these tissues away and disinfect the computer ha ha have a lovely day. Dawn xx

Oh P.S. see the mug holder the scarf's on? this was a purchase from a craft (thrift) shop for a £1 keep your eyes out  for a transformation of this item ;0)


craftattack said...

Gorgeous scarf! Keep warm and get well soon! Hugs, Valerie

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Fabulous, perfect for summer days.

brenda said...

That scarf looks gorgeous Dawn, I can imagine the little coloured element glinting in the sun beautifully.

I do hope you cold soon clear up.

B x

Anonymous said...

That scarf is beautiful Dawn, wow i wish i could do that.
I just wanted to say thanks for your comment about the poster freebies. Which images were you particularly keen on enlarging ? If you can tell me, i will try and do something with them although not sure if it will work, it depends on if they distort or not
hugs June x


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