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Monday, 25 February 2013

Post Cards

I have been PLAYING working very hard and it's been "Such Fun" as Miranda would say. I got some paints out and just slapped them Creatively painted them on A4 card stock, stamped, added various bits & doodled then cut them in to four (post card size 6x4) and look what I came up with. I am loving this and I really like what I have ended up with.

There is a place for detailed cards (no doubt about that) but they can be heavy and cost extra because they are thicker than your average card. So here is my thinking, OOAK (one of a kind) Post Cards (they have pretty paper on the reverse that can be written on). But they still say you care as they are individual. So you could use a wedding colour/theme and pop all the details on the back, engagement cards possibilities are endless. I am trying to be frugal as we have so little for any kind of luxuries but I do like the personal touch, and that often costs extra.

These cost practically nothing to make and you still get your crafty art fix as you can be as creative (or not) as you like. I have just put these on A4 card if you want to pop them in an envelope (if invitations etc) but I am thinking thicker card just to pop through as they are I am already working on some so you may will see some more from me soon.

I have to say I am thinking magazine pieces scrap papers all sorts and I am excited by it. Have you done this before? Is it just me (I doubt that) let me know what you have been playing creating lately. Love Dawn xx


Juls said...

These are fab, gorgeously creative hugs Juls xxxx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I love them all!

craftattack said...

Beautiful postcards! Hugs, Valerie

rosie said...

gorgeous postcards - love the colours x


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