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Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Another one of my art works. This is 14x14 inch 36x36 cm this is inspired by one of my cats Dude (in my side bar) Saying that, he could easily be one of your cats. I have taken the character of my cat 'DUDE' He's a fat cat He's a large sturdy cat and is cute in his own masculine feline way ;) 

He sits & stares at you for ages. When he want's something he talks to you, that could be for food, water, to go out or to say, hey 'Stroke me' He has a really loud purr which I find SO comforting, it relaxes me so much. He has so much love in his heart I had to depict it with hearts everywhere. And he loves to spend time with you on his terms (obviously, he's a cat!)

Here are some close ups of this inspired piece I do hope you like the story behind Cat! I painted the background with a limited pallet and then stensiled and played with stamps etc. then drew my cat and decided to colour some parts in and leave the rest, I then got  some more eco paint and painted all around to show the picture up. This is my newest piece for sale in my folksy shop HERE Hope you're having a lovely day. Dawn xx


Silvia(Barnie) said...

I LOVE it, just wonderful.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Aww, your cat looks wonderful! He has so much love and character too.


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