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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Penelope's Dream.

Hope you're having a wonderful BH Monday in the UK.  I was busy this week with this 7x5 inch Canvas this is for a gallery show where all canvases will be this size. This is the first time I will be putting my work in a gallery & I haven't done any Steam Punk in such a while I thought I would give it ago.  There is a real enamel pocket watch face on there along with lots of watch parts I have even wrote a little story to go with it and aged it with distress inks lol

Penelope’s Dream

Hans was an inventor of amazing engineering standard. He wanted a little girl. With his skills he brought her into being as he had long wished to test his creativity on something much more complicated that anything static & lifeless. Indeed he wanted to create something with a mind of its very own. Penelope became his greatest accomplishment. A darling little girl with a wonderful mind (even though clockwork) here lay the genius of Hans the engineer. However, after many years in each other’s company and when Hans was then very old, Penelope asked what would become of her and Hans told her that she could do anything that she dreamed of.

Penelope dreamed of travel, she didn’t want to travel in the modern steam train or motorcar, she wanted to fly in the air. With her extraordinary mind she created with help from Hans a hot air balloon that would take her all around Germany and on to France. There she saw the delights of boutiques and how the women of France dared to dress. She grew sad that her small frame would never develop into a beautiful shapely woman that all would look at. And she had nothing but time in front of her to spend creating but never really being what she so much wanted to become.

I hope you enjoyed the little story that accompany's this little canvas I enjoyed letting may imagination take flight with little Penelope & her creator Hans :)  I also just found this challenge at Unruly Paper Arts and it's all about 'Gears' and we have to vote on what think is the best entry, There is going to be some talent on display (I am first up)  So I will have to see who else joins in, it's bound to be tuff competition. As it's the 1st of the month you may like to join in with ans art Journal challenge over at Journal Journey's There is also a link in the side bar. I hope you have time to leave a comment. Thank you for stopping by Love Dawn xx


Pia Rom said...

Your steam punk style seems to be a success! I love it and really enjoy to see the canvas in the zoom-variations :)) what a yummy piece of art! xox Conny

Silvia(Barnie) said...

A fabulous creation, great idea.


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