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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I am so happy!

Well Steph, I did it look! I finally took the plunge and bought some Copics. So glad I have I love them, although I am going to need more doh! but I will get some of the round ones too half the price of these lol

I haven't got very many as yet (but they are pricey) I have to say though I love the result. I will post my first card later but I wanted to have a little chat about them first.

After I had made my first card using copics I wanted to show you the difference. A couple of days ago I coloured in the image on the right with Whisper pens I didn't like the end result. On the left is the same image using Copic pens, I feel it looks so professional and very pleased with the result I think it is not so much skill (although you do need a little skill) it's there are so many shades of one colour so you can graduate your shades and get a professional look to you image. Yes they are expensive but you can now also buy some others with less in in at half the price so I will be topping up with some of these too but I do like the sketcher version as well as having more ink they are a nice shape to hold (but that's just my personal opinion) hope you come back and have a look at my first card. Thank you for looking. Love Dawn xx


brenda said...

Oh Dawn, I know just how thrilled you are with your Copics - when I got home today, sitting on my desk was a big brown bag - yes I got Copics as well (140 of them - not the posh ones like you, the Ciao's but still fabby).

My lovely hubby bought them for me because I was ranting about them and moaning about my PM's.

So guess what we will both be doing theis wekend ?

B x

Karen said...

OK, I am SO jealous! I only have PrismaColor Markers....would love to get my fingers on some Copics! Enjoy!
I left you something on my blog!
Go see it here!

Cheryl said...

WOW awesome job at colouring,my copics pre order have arrived at the store and have been shipped to me,can't wait.......just hope they are easy to colour with!!! Enjoy your copics!!
Hugs xx


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