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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Still struggling for my MOJO

Hello all I haven't anything to show you I am still not crafting as much as I would like to be. But I did receive this wonderful gift today from France ( I am so glad I put some goodies in with the ATCs I sent to her lol) Look what she has sent me (swoons) I love other peoples art!

I had to show you a couple of close ups! so much prettier in real life! I love the bottle caps and they are as beautiful on the back as they are on the front, this pendant included. The (bubble) round piece of art is wonderful the rose is made of wax and painted it's all so very yummy. Pop over to see my friend Esther on Her Blog I am always amazed ans surprised at what she comes up with.

Both the above items were bought for 50p each The clock doesn't work I was going to use all the insides for some steam punk stuff I want to make but it just looks so fab on the shelf I think I will keep it. These are not coasters (there a wee bit bigger) more for a pan & made out of cork I thought these could be altered like the flowers I have made for the art exchange (must get them posted off! I still have one to finish off) Well I must start creating and stop foraging for goodies, if I could just keep my mojo running for more than an hour or so I know I could finish a few things.... Thank you for stopping by have a wonderful day. Love Dawn xx


Jo said...

Lovely gifts from France - gorgeous! And that clock is lovely - far too good to break up for bits, though I guess you could make a lovely little tableau to go inside........mmm?! I know what you mean about shopping for stuff and just get on with it, but it's hard isn't it?! xx

Dazie said...

What gorgeous gifts!

Love the bits and bobs too!


Anesha said...

Stunning ATCs and gifts. Can't wait to see what you create with your pieces. Anesha

PetraB said...

Love all the little bits ... and so many options for using them. Cannot wait to see your stunning works of art you will create with them. Petra.x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Dawn, I think you are inspired. Who wouldn't be when you have that gorgeous clock. I want to try steampunk, too, but I fear I wouldn't be able to sacrifice that gorgeous clock to do it.

Here's something that might bring your mojo back. I am featuring your blog on mine tomorrow (May 14). My latest project has rejuvenated me and is taking me in a new direction. It may be just what you need (inspiration) to get you going. Dry spells happen to all of us. When it happens to me, I do a book review or work in my garden. But staying actively involved in art is what will get you back to the place you want to be.

Now go create something and inspire me! AND, thanks for being you.

Karen said...

OMG what beautfiul artwork you have been given!!!!

I do hope you find your mojo soon my lovely! I love that closk as it is too XXX

Kathryn said...

You so cannot take apart that fab clock! Just take a picture of it and use the image. I'm just sayin... Love the cool stash. As the new catch phrase says "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" Easier said than done, huh? No pressure, its all cool. Hugs

BA said...

wonderful creations dawn
xoxo BA


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