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Monday, 3 May 2010

Crafty day out at Capesthorne Hall

I have been out and about on Saturday I want to a craft fair at Capesthorne Hall never been before but we loved it, they do weddings and have lots of events this bank holiday it was a Craft fair here is a photo of some of my crafty buys. Next week end they are having a Country Fair (sounds like fun!)

This is a close up of some of the great value buys I thought these were just terrific for the price I had to get them lol but you all know that feeling don't you? ;0) I am going on a steam punk/jewelry craft work shop in May and I thought these would be super (look at these watch faces two for 50p so I bought two packets of each. I have been buying lots for this week end so much coming next week and then after that? Paris so NO MORE SPENDING from me, but I have plenty to keep me very busy.

Now I asked permission to take this photo I love this guys work I have one piece already (Will show you in a min) and while there I couldn't resist I bought another, if you click and have a look you will see why I had to cave in such beautiful work. I think a treasured antique of the future!

This is the one I already had, 'Daisy Fairy'

And this is the one I bought yesterday 'Grass Fairy' the artist is Gary White I think this art is totally original (no two pieces are the same) I haven't seen any other artist working with resin in this way and hey, I love fairy's so if you buy art because you love it then your on a winner he does some wonderful dragons, knights as well as castles (this is large work and fairly expensive), just thought I would share this with you, I know so many of you also love fairy's.

This is Capesthorne Hall we went in for a look around (not allowed to take photos inside) so take my word lots of inspiration I loved this house. This weekend there was a craft fair but I think we will be going back next Saturday too as there is a country fair on. Hubby and I love to get out if I am well enough so fingers crossed we will get to enjoy this view again.

The grounds were equally as beautiful, with a huge lake and so many things to photograph but I thought you may like to share the 'Blue Bell walk' I swear I saw a fairy's wing as she scuttled off! I hope you also had a wonderful Bank holiday weekend.

Oh and one last thing to share, I found a TT but I have lost it (I do that so often) It was a little TT about how to use your sewing machine in a different way. I have an attachment to cover the teeth on my machine some have a button to lower the teeth. I also removed the foot. The kinda free sewn this stamped image, now this is the first time so isn't great but now I know how to convert my sewing machine I may try this technique again. I love to try new things and I am a bit of a technique junky lol. My problem is with my illness I forget more than I remember so frustrating but it does mean I am usually doing some thing new lol I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my BH weekend and I will be back soon with some crafting goodies to show you enjoy what's left of your week end it's gone decidedly grey here (typical BH weather in the UK) Love Dawn xx


Jo said...

Wow, Dawn, you got some wonderful bargainsdidn't you?! I agree with you, you just HAD to get them. You'd have kicked yourself afterwards if you hadn't. And those fairies are beautiful; their wings are stunning. Looks like you and hubby had a gorgeous day out. I forget loads all the time too, and I have no excuse (apart from being scatty) so I know how maddening it is! It's been heavy showers on and off all weekend here so, yes, typical Bank Holiday weather!


Dazie said...

Oh my word what fabulous bargains are those!!!

Those fairies are amazing I love the wings, stunning!


Karen said...

ooo looks like you have had a wondrful day out!!!! I love those wonder you had to have another one!!! XXX

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Lovely art pieces and your two are very special and beautiful!
YES, those bluebells definitely look like a place for fairies to romp and play in :)
Alice's dress is so sweet stitched in the blue thread!
That looked like a fancy spot for a craft show! and aren't you a good shopper!

Dawn said...

Dawn your fairies are beautiful, is there a website to view his work?

Love your finds, hope you have fun on the workshop and Paris eh, you lucky girl

(oh btw I agree with you about price of book on my blog - madness!!!)

Cheryl said...

gosh hun you really did get some brilliant bargains,and those fairys you have they really are so beautiful,great post hun loved all the great photos,hugs cheryl xxxxx

trisha too said...

whoa, you had a great time shopping!!


Lynn Stevens said...

Wow what a fun day of shopping and those Faries are just incredible, no wonder you couldn't resist!
Thanks for posting about my giveaway. Your a doll! Have fun with your steampunk finds. Best of luck!

Cheryl said...

Oh WOW look at all those gorgeous goodies,I can see why you purchased the fairies!!!
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun, what a great way to spend the day. I bet England is beautiful in the spring, I have never been but it looks just lovely in your photos. i love the sewing technique you did, must try! thanks for the glimpse into you life!

Chris said...

oooh that looks like a gorgeous place and how fabulous all your newly purchased goodies are. ooooh I'm so jealous... haven't had a crafty spend for ages... have to sit on my hands to stop myself buying stuff online cos I don't know where to
Loving all your recent crafty creations Dawn they are amazing especially that GORGEOUS tag book... WOW amazing work missus.

Have a fab day
Chris xx

Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Dawn,

wow you have a brilliant blog I have just had an amazing catch up.

the grace Kelly, the tag book ..sooo long since I made one of those.

The shopping you did at the how cheap what a bargain great stamps and the watch faces lucky you.

Whe we get some play time can we do an ATC swap on cameras as we both have a camera stamp. lol

Have a brill weekend

chriss x

Debrina said...

Hi Dawn - I've just now stuck your name up on my barter circle blog. Thanks for joining in on the fun - I'm after some walnut ink right now, so if you have any spare, let me know. I can arrange a barter. Love this recent posting - those fairies are amazing! And your art finds are to die for!! Can't wait to see what you get up to with them.

Gaby Bee said...

Looks like you have had a fun day! Your finds are gorgeous. Wishing you tons of creativity and unending art filled ideas!


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