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Monday, 14 February 2011

Book Marks!

Monday Monday la la la la la. Nice tune this now that's in your head (sorry) lol I thought I would share these book marks with you. The first one is for a group I belong to called The Artist Nest Having been a member for just over a month I really love the different challenges they offer and the women are just a really lovely group of kind hearted and talented bunch I am so blessed they allowed me to join. The title was to be 'Whimsical houses' And toadstool for fairy's had already been done lol so I had a play with some oil pastels and came up with a light house.

Here is a close up of the poem I attached. The Lord is always there to see us through those dangerous and dark times he is the light than can save us if we but ask.

Next is another group I have very recently joined and also lovely people and really welcoming. Bella's Creations Thanks every one. I am sure I mentioned in the last post I joined Oh La La I like the art they make and this book mark is no different. We were given an image (like the post before of the couple) and we had to incorporate it into a Chinese NY book mark or a Valentine one. Never been a lover of making oriental I have no idea why as I like looking at it no problem. So I opted for Valentine and I am happy with how this turned out.

Here's a close up of the wee bunny isn't he a cutie? Any way I love that he is the king of hearts as he can pull hearts together and we can all have that special someone to share the special day with. My husband is very special and I adore him so much my soul mate whom I will spend all eternity with. Such a comforting thought.

I hope you manage to spend some time with that some one special. If your beloved is no longer with us then think about the wonderful times you have had together and smile. And if you would like some one special in your life but haven't been fortunate enough as yet, then make your self ready in what ever way you think you need and when your ready and not thinking about finding him/her then that's just when they often turn up. Have a wonderful Valentines day. Love Dawn xx


carpe diem said...

is very nice your work...and lovely :)
happy valentin´s day :)

Jules said...

Your book marks are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your talent.

Sandi said...

I'm so glad to have followed up on you from over at Bella Creations! Lovely work and I've signed up as a new follower..:)

Jan said...

Hopping in from Bella Creations :)
Beautiful bookmarks! said...

Thank you for sharing... so cute!
I like the bunny bookmark.

Anesha said...

Two great bookmarks Dawn. Thanks for the comment on my canvas. Hugs Anesha

Cheryl said...

Beautiful bookmarks and such fabulous detail!!!
Hugs xx

Michele said...

i adore your bookmarks Dawn! and i love the song... xo

2amscrapper said...

lots of wonderful bookmarks! such interesting techniques and challenges.


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