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Saturday, 19 March 2011

A wax canvass?

I should be in Harrogate enjoying my self buying stash and wandering around the love town while you are reading this, so I thought I would leave you with something so you wouldn't miss me too much ;0) I think it's official my Mojo has returned making the coasters awoke the artist in me and this is what you get while playing with WAX ;0) It's my first time creating a piece mainly of wax this way, and what fun. I wasn't sure about it, any how you be the judge what do you think?

Obviously this is old material pattern paper (charity shops are marvellous things) and the part of the cover. It just got me thinking about me and my sister, as there is a seven year age gap. The image can say so much and this is why I had to include it. I love how the wax works with text and I will be doing this again soon ;0) with more text. I could really do with a quilters iron lol but at £35+ it will have to wait. don't you find every thing always needs new tools. This is why crafter (me any way) are always penniless ha ha. I hope you like, and welcome to my new followers, Ricardo, Tee, Chelsea, and Martica. It's always fun to share with new people. Love Dawn xx

And as a thank you to those who continue to visit and comment, And because I am away for the week end, (which has put me in a fabby mood) I have also added a couple more of my scanned vintage adverts for you. Love Dawn xx


Anesha said...

This is really lovely Dawn, love the touch of red. Hope you had fun this weekend and thanks for your lovely comment. hugs Anesha

Cheryl said...

oh dawn,this is just brilliant,love the touch of red you have put onto this,
Hun are you using matt paint not acrylc as matt paint works acrilc does not it reacts with the glue,
Also after you have painte,your main color then dried it,add the watered,down glue,then add the white,or magnolia paint on top,then heat,I use the tiny wee pots of paint from DIY shops,so try those,once you have done,it you will love it and you never get,fed up with seeing it crackle before your eyes,hugs cheryl xxxxx

Netty said...

Loving the waxed canvas, such fab texture. Annette x

lila Check said...

sooooo lovely!!
I love the touch of red on it,the texture....Love all!

Michele said...

so very cool! xo

craftytrog said...

Fantastic! I love the effect Dawn!
Alison xx


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