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Friday, 3 April 2009

50s cards/ A spoon full of sugar ch 46

This card works well with a challenge too A soon full of sugar I had done lasts weeks challenge but looks like I missed it. I love the DT egs I hope they like this. There is such a cute story behind this I thought I would share it with you. My cousin has her own butty shop yummy stuff there I can tell you. any way a Gent came in and was chatting as you do, and he said "I was looking for a card for my Ex-Wife and I can't find one any where". well good ol' Chezie says her cousin makes cards I'm sure she can come up with something for you so he gives his order specifics it has to have 65, happy birthday, to my Ex-wife, and she is into the 50s. Here is the cute story, aah they got divorced years ago and lost contact for ages they get on with their life's in the mean time she re-marries and he gets a lady friend quite by accident they get in touch again (don't know how) and now they go out as a foursome aah they have lots of the same interests no jealousy etc. all get on really well hence sending her a card I thought that was lovely.
Back to the cards, I didn't want to make just one card thought it would be nice to offer a choice. the top one is the example I will show (she may not like Elvis) so I made matching sentiments for all the other cards and put them in the packet this way he can choose and I can make it up for him while I'm there and not use five cards (well it is a specific card) and then the others can be sold when ever, the 50's is going to be big this year (that's my tip) (very fashion conscious lol not) I bought some vintage 50s dresses I love the old tea dress style and I see the 50s style is making a subtle come back in Tescos so I won't have to pay vintage prices either YAY!
I really like this one such movement in the vintage photo, I really like it (this is the one I think he will choose) I will let you know which card he went for next week end (if I remember? I will honest Guides Honor)

This is just clip art off the computer I'm not that keen on this but I have to make for all taste when its a special order and let them choose (all part of the service) lol choice is key
My dad had a juke box for years (old pub style you can see the records going one etc,) He got rid of it eventually but we all loved playing the old 45s when we went to his house me & Michael(hubby) more than the kids lol

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Michelle said...

What a great story and all of the card choices are fab. Poor guy is going to have a tough time picking just one.


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