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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Chit Chat

Hello to all my followers and thank you for joining me, I hope you will keep popping back, and that my blog is interesting to read. The weather has been great here in the NW of the UK for a few days. I have had my spring cleaning head on lol and the house smells lovely and I have bought fresh flowers (I usually have fresh flowers in my bedroom all the time as I spend a lot of time in there on the comp) But now there in the kitchen and living room too! I love fresh flowers.
How much washing? the amount of washing two teenagers can make in just a week! is astonishing don't you think? one minuet your telling them to change 'cos they smell the next, they go the other way and wear three or four sets of clothes a day! above is a photo taken at Christmas (the tree in the back kinda gives it away) lol And with them is our lovely dog Dita (a Japanese Akita) she was a rescue. More about her in another post!
They are back at school/collage now, thank heavens and my fridge is taking a well earned rest. lol How much does your shopping bill go up when yours are off school? Mine eat so much (although my 15yr old Matthew on the right above) is bigger than me and I'm not small at 5'10 lol the collage student :-) Shawn (on the left (obviously lol) will be seventeen next Monday Oh how they grow. And these photos are six month old, I'm sure they have grown again, I can rarely get them together for photos, I love the top one but this is my fav as it's an action shot (they can be so funny) So really with them two and lovely Hubby it's like living with three men always hungry and for ever leaving a mess where ever they go ( I have to exclude hubby from the mess thing lol he tidys up after all of us lol) He is one I wouldn't swap for all the tea in china. He is the best. he's another one who doesn't like his picture taken lol but there is one on here of him asleep with our grandson James (give you a hint It's in March archive) and it's such a lovely photo I scrapped it and put it on here! well enough chit chat for now but will put some more posts on and get some ready for the hospital later. (that's a whole other story lol). Please leave a comment, Love Dawn xx

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Anonymous said...

It's not only boys who leave a mess lol :) Sounds like a male version of my house hee hee :) :)


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