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Saturday, 25 April 2009

How CUTE? this is the apple of my eye my darlin' little boy (grandson) he gives me so much joy this is what life is all about.
We had our little treasure for the day on Thursday we went to see Chezie (my Cousin, all my kids call her auntie and her kids call me auntie too!) So Chezie is James 3rd cousin but auntie chezie for short lol. She went mad for him, as not seen him befour. Look at that little face how could you not love him lol. Smiling and pulling his tongue out! I thing these two have to be scrapped so watch this space!


Aunty Sue said...

oh he is a cutie have left you a message on the notebook

Max said...

Awww bless his little cotton socks. What a cutie. No wonder you are so proud.


Anonymous said...

Oh how adorable is he!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about your little angle. My dearest friend became a granny yesterday and its a boy the whole family is over the moon. So congrates to you lol craftysue

yvonne said...

Such a cutie, nope you just can't help yourself but love him.


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