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Friday, 26 June 2009

Feeling much Better thank you

Thank you all for your well wishes. It was lovely to hear from you. I am feeling Much Better! I went to Morcombe for the day Yesterday with my beloved. It is lovely really they have cleaned up and it hasn't got the lewdness of Blackpool (I used to love that place as a child why did they spoil it?) there isn't much to do in Morcombe but WE loved it if you have little ones the beach is soft and lovely the water is lovely and gentle, great for paddling Tourist Info just thought I would put a link in for you to have a look.
Also I have been asked to be a guest designer this Saturday for Jazzy Inspirations, imagine me I was knocked for six, I may have been too late to accept as I only saw the request today, I have gracefully accepted though I just hope Tenia gets back to me soon with what I have to do! so have time to create something, oh my what an honor. I just hope I can do them justice.
Love to you all Dawn xx


Kellylouj said...

Glad you are feeling better xx

Kim Y. said...

I am glad you are eeling much better.
Take care.

alison59 said...

Glad you are better and well done on being a guest designer. You certainly deserve it :)


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