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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Stamped candles any one?

I will be doing this as a tutorial at my next Demo (something different than a card) and why not this is very easy to do.
All you need is a heat gun, some tissue paper a stamp some ink some baking/greeseproof paper & a candle there are plenty of tutorial videos stampin candle tutorial so I have included what I think are one of the best ones for you (look out for the Church candle we have this stamp for Christmas but is is so good) but honest it's real easy give it a go! if I can do it I know you can. So what do you think? leave a comment Love Dawn xx


jajeem said...

Hi Dawn,

This is just great. Have trouble finding the right tissue paper though

Crafty Dawn said...

Any tissue paper for wrapping gifts will do they are in any supermarket or card shop

Love Dawn xx

alison59 said...

This is fab Dawn. I wish I lived nearer to you then you could teach me to do it properly! Mine was a bit hit and miss at Christmas lol ;)


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