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Monday, 8 June 2009

I won an award!

Well Two actually! how cool is that? and they are from Barbra Isn't that lovely? She has a great blog and is very cleaver! Now the top one is the most personal one as it's for the support I have shown her through comments on her blog! I am so touched that she would give this award to me. If it was allowed I would give it right back as she is a constant support to me & my blog, but I think I have to forward this on to five more people, now that's the hard part isn't it!

The First person Has to be Alison59 she always supports me & my blog and she has become a very good friend now she doesn't have a blog but if any one deserves this award she does. The next one is kellyloui A new follower but she always comment and is very supportive. The next one is Dazie she is such a cutie and I love her Guinea pig blog too! Next we have Sue we chat about alsorts not just craft so we are supportive to each other lol and finally but by no means least Jennette now pop and have a look at these ladies blogs they are all wonderful people as well as crafters. This award is for being a sweetie ( I think!) so I would love to give this award to all of my lovely followers please take it and display it with pride. Love Dawn xx


Jeannette said...

Dawn Thank you so much, I'll post mine later tonight, at least if I say I'm going to do then I have to, else I forget LOL.

PS, I'll be booking the Hotel in the next day or two, I'll let you know as soon as I have.

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Dawn thank you so much this puts the finishing touch on my birthday thanks. Chris has gone back short but very sweet visit and i love his card and think he did a brill job although he did pinch my stuff. lol. Will post a picture on my blog very soon. Hope you had a good weekend weather wasnt to bad really.
Take care ans thanks so much now off to think of some peeps and will post later. Hugs Sue xx

alison59 said...

Oh Dawn, I am blushing. Thank you for my award. I am so pleased to receive it. You are so kind :) :)

Dazie said...

Awww thank you, I am so chuffed! There is some thing on my blog for you too hehehe!


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