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Monday, 8 June 2009

Day out in Bakewell (Derbyshire UK)

This is a very picturesque place to go I love it here. We have been coming here since the children were small and now my oldest says he wants to take James (well we may have to take them as they have no car)There was a man catching trout, I am not kidding you don't need a rod to catch trout here, there are so many and on a warm day you can just pick them straight out of the river if you really wanted too! Fish Chips & Peas on the river how YUMMY! We had the best time eating these lol I saved some for all the birds the geese are so tame here they let you stroke them!

This is a new addition to Bakewell since we last went there we have lost the Model shop! it was SO FAB Micheal loved it lots of cars Dinky, Matchbox etc but last time we went he had gone and the shop was empty this time LOOK! a FAB SWEETIE Shop! we relived our childhood in here for about 45min and spent way too much money! but I bought American Creme Soda Kali with hard Bassets Liquorice oh bliss!

This is a wide open space onto the river or back to the shops it's lovely (and the sun shone all day) it was indeed a great day! What a beautiful day! I could add a lot more photos but just a few so you don't get too board! lol Hope hope you liked my little day out! Oh If you can goon a MONDAY it had the best market we plan to go in a few weeks, it's worth the visit just for the Market! please leave a comment have you been to Bakewell is there somewhere you love to visit time & time again? and why? tell me I would really love to know, we also have an affinity with Derwent Valley I'll Share that another day Love Dawn xx


alison59 said...

Oh it looks so peaceful Dawn. No wonder you had such a fab day out. Not sure about the mushy peas though ;)

Nikki said...

Humm is that Uk Thing chips fish and Peas ... we use Gravy or Malt Vinager here lol
I'll Believe you on it tastes Yummy
Looks like you had a fun day :)


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