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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

ATC (Aladin)

Morning, (or it will be as this post is sheduled he he) I wanted to say thank you for all for your lovely comments yesterday about Hunny, she is not big headed at all about all the lovely complements you gave her (I think that's because she already knows she is beautiful lol) I think that is one of the lovely things about blog land we all get to know each other and our pets lol because we all think so much of outr animal companions. Any way, I was playing yesterday like you do. With a lovely template given freely by Chris now, not only has she given a way this template she is also giving away a one off stamp set that she herself designed, well all crafters love to share (the ones I know any way lol) so do pop along to find out more.

I decided to use the small template and make a series of ATCs (which I would love to trade three of) this being the first. The template is the frame you can see Genie hiding behind, I got the back grounds as well as the disney aladin pics for all the ATCs from google, aren't they yummy?I have cut out the windows on all the template (very fidiley with this size) and there is some EP on there in gold look at the top to see the doors closed and you can see I have embossed these too! I have also embossed 'genie' at the bottom (just out of shot on this photo).

This is the seccond that's up for trade. You can see the whole gang through the wondow on this one. I have GM the window (template). if you look at the top you can see the doors closed and I have put some pearls for window handels. The back grounds are off google and are genuine morocan tiles. I thought these went with the theme really well!

This one is similar because of the back ground, however I have GM the template and left the whole picture on so it looks like you are looking out of the Palace and seeing them flying by on the carpet through all of the windows and some  lovely gems for handles (see top photo) and 'Aladin' embossed in gold as 'Genie' is.

I have decided out of the four to keep this one. Again some GM on the back ground then stamped, then Google image added. I coloure the template with copics. Behind the small windows I put some alcohol ink on some accitate (so they look like stained glass) bit of a waste as no light goes through them so didn't so it with the others. But you can see them quite clearly IRL. Finally I have highlighted with a gold pen. Let me know if you would like to trade any of the first three ATCs for something you have (I need to speak to Chriss Rollins about this she has a trade blog for ATCs) but I am a bit usless when it comes to computers.

I always keep one of my ATCs that I make, I stick to a theme and make them all different. I know some make them all the same which I suppose is good when your swapping. However, I personally, never want to make two of the same thing, not if I can help it, the thing I love about crafting/Art is that it's completely individual One Of A Kind (OOAK) so if you have a card or ATC from me, you can be sure there isn't another one like it anywhere in the world (unless some naughty sausage has copied your stuff!), Least said about that the better. Any who, I do hope you pop over to the lovely Chris She has done some lovely examples (nothing like mine) when the template came off the printer it screamed 'Aladin' to me but pop along and go see how versitile this little template can be, It's free! Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Template Chris. Back gorunds, Google. Stamps, Studio G and Anna Griffin. Copic markers. Glimmer Mist, Tattered angels. Emboss Powders, Heat it up. Gems, various. Alcohol inks, Ranger. Gold marker , stash.


Jo said...

Great ATC's, Dawn. I love the backgrounds and the little doors. Funnily enough, I've gone down a similar route with Arabian Nights for my template. I'm nowhere near finished though, so well done you!


Chris said...

Well you did a fabulous job hunny I love how you used the template and yes the small ones are a bit fiddly... specially if you have sausage fingers like me. (It was down to a little mistake when I resized the original... they were sposed to be A5 n A6 size but being the nugget I am I didnt print them out to

I'd love to swap the friends on if it's still available :D

A little tip too.... because your printer can't print white... if you put patterned paper in your printer the template will just transfer the outline which is what I did for my pink one.

Chris xx

Linda Ledbetter said...

These are magnificent, Dawn!

Debby said...

Fabulous ATC's! and I love that you shared Hunny. I love to share my honey's too ;)

theneon said...

Dawn -- these are great! I just tried my first ever ATC -- they are great fun (but such a little space). Your craft area looks great -- and I can see you have a good time there.

Anesha said...

Wow, stunning ATCs. Love what you did with the frame. Love the photos of Hunny, she is adorable. Have a great weekend. Anesha

Electra said...

These are beautiful! Very Moroccan!

Chriss Rollins said...

great ATC's using Chris template

you really got the hang of these

I said that they were addictive. x

chriss x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

ooo you've used Chris' template beautifully and in so many clever ways too Dawn! My ideas for that challenge are still all in my head :)


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