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Thursday, 15 April 2010

New Pages

Hello you beautiful bloggers. I haven't got a craft item for you just at the moment, however I have been working on some New pages for my blog, I know! me computers they don't normally mix but with bloggers new help and videos. Me that is miss computer illiterate managed to make TWO new Pages. I am off to craft now, as I am having James from tommoro so you can imagine there will not be much crafting going on while I have my grand son.

I was going to add a video (maybe I was getting a wee bit cocky with tmy new computer knowledge) I felt brave enough to add a little video, but I can't find the link for it, since  the new blogger any help there? it used to be next to uploading photos like a little film real thingy but it has disapeared all I have in it's place is a (Borken Page icon, insert jump break) see, so me and computeres are still not on the best of terms.

Hubby is off cycling to Wales and won't be back until Saturday (I am missing him already) but I have the boys here (two teenage boys not much help around the house).So I will have to struggle. Welcome to more new followers be brave and leave a comment (just say hi) and I can then pop round to yr blog and have a nosey ;0) My love to you as always Dawn xx


Jennifer said...

Great blog! Thanks for visiting and commenting on mine, too! Have a nice weekend!

Melinda Cornish said...

Have fun with the boys.....haha...
Use the time to do some girly things.....

Gez said...

Take care Dawn. Looking forward to seeing more of your scrummy crafting. Hugs, Gez.xx

Linda Ledbetter said...

Hello, Beautiful Dawn! Can't wait to see your video. Keep trying-- you'll get it, and it will be fabulous!

brenda said...

Hi Dawn

An am still in awe of your last blog change, I find it all a bit scary.

Lots I would like to do, but not the foggest how to achieve it. You could not begin to imagine how stressed I got creating the Stamplaot one.

Have a good day, hope you ahve the sun as well - we dot 2o of frost as well again.

B x


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