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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

When I went to Harrogate for my B'Day I found this amazing piece of vintage loveliness. I know that many of the blogs I have visited have a love of sewing and particularly vintage machines so I thought I would share this beautiful fined with you. Prepare yourself for lots of photos. I was thrilled to find this wonderful treasure.

The key is missing to open this treasure. However, easy done with a screw driver.

The original instruction manual 1926 

I really wanted to share this find with all of you, I hope you to find it of interest. This machine was made in Scotland, the Clyde bank factory If you have any other  knowledge about this model or the special feet that were found with it that you would like to share I would love to know more about it. This machine is still working and has the original plug, which I have been advise to change but I think it's all part of it's obvious beauty, don't you? I have a modern machine I use, I just had to own this piece of historical start to electric sewing machines. Love Dawn xx


Wipso said...

Just beautiful. I have my Grandmother's and my mother in law's old singer machines but both are hand versions and neither are in working order now but both were well used in their time :-)
A x

Karen said...

Oh what a lucky find! The machine looks like its been really looked after & I love that silver plate on the side. I recognise a few of the feet....a sew-on-button foot, a zipper foot & a quilting foot. I do hope that you use it sometimes as I expect it works like a dream. They certainly made them to last in those days didn't they? xxx

craftattack said...

Beautiful machine, this is really a treasure! Valerie

Kristi said...

Oh how beautiful! I really love the look of the old Singer machines. And the fact that you have the instruction book is a huge plus! I have an old 1950 Singer and that is my go-to machine when I need a power horse like sewing denim or upholstery fabric. It just goes through everything.

Great find!

Sherry Edwards said...

Ooooh what a totally fabulous find Dawn - extra special to have the original instruction manual too. It must have been so exciting getting the cover off without a key and discovering the beauty within! TFS x

Daniele said...

they don't make them like that anymore which is a shame as they look like a piece of art, thing is I've used a machine like this. No I'm not that old

craftytrog said...

What a wonderful treasure to find! Lucky you! x

Trece said...

You've hit the jackpot with this one, Dawn!! This was the machine my mother got as a wedding gift in 1948 (they were still in production). It sews beautifully, and the attachments will do buttonholes, attach zippers, make ruffles - so many different things. I regret ever trading mine in. It should work like a dream, and is very low-maintenance. You will have years of fabulous sewing with this baby!! I envy you.


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