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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Charity Shop goodies

Hello, Alice in wonderland was very good in 3D enjoyable but won't buy on DVD! I was noseying in a charity shop for some thing to alter or add to my crafty stash and look what I found.

Two of the enamels in the frames were falling out so I removed them and washed them in soapy water, arn't they lovely and I am sure will come in very useful! and the frames are an adorable size so will also come in very handy I think.

I'm not sure what these are made of (brass maybe?) but very thin and very easy to bend! but at a £1 for the two I though well I will get them who knows they may also come in handy lol. 

As I sad yesterday I was busy so no time to craft. This morning I call for help "Please can you have James for a few days?" Well I have made plans (it is Mothers day this weekend) I can't have him for a few days but I can have him until Thurs. So no crafting again today!  I am getting into serious withdrawl honest I am itching to make something. Although I am not very well at the moment (not sleeping headaches etc) and crafting really helps so now I have a 16 mth old to run after instead! He has changed again in just a week since I had him, he is a joy, but suppose when your not feeling 100% it is a little difficult to play Mary Poppins all the time ;0) So forgive the none crafty post (Kinda) I hope you like my little finds from yesterdays charity rummage Love Dawn xx


Pretty-In-Ink said...

Wow Dawn! I love your wonderful charity shop finds! They are really cool! I never have such luck!

Cheryl said...

wow hun you have found some great things at the shop love those frames,hun and the pictures too,know what you mean about not sleeping and headaches hun I get them every day so annoying have fun and take it easy love hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

brenda said...

A real steal there Dawn, never thought of having a nose round a charity shop, but might re-think that one, we have lods locally

B x

Gez said...

Great finds Dawn. Great rummaging. :) Can't wait to see what you come up with. Little ones are lovely but so tiring. Take care honey.xx

Cheryl said...

They are fabulous and I am sure you will find a use for them!!! I hope you feel better soon!!
Hugs xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

what a canny girl you are Dawn , I love those images. Also love the new look blog esp the header with poodle. janex

stampdiva said...

Amazing finds. I'd go charity shopping with you any day of the week LOL. Lynne x


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