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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Shabby Chic

Hello Blog land & my crafty chums. I have been busy! not to busy to pop buy your blogs and comment. I have really seen some great work this week, day after day I really admire you guys. No, too busy to post something of my own. Had Grand son  for a couple of days and always too exausted for a day or two after. What do you think of this little beauty? cute isn't it. I saw it in a charity shop for £2 and thought I could do something with this.

So I sanded it down some, all over! I had plans for this little one ;0)
I even did the inside as well as the out side can you see? looking very distressed now and my arms were aching (can you imagine full size?)

I covered it in gesso then gold paint from crown then some crackle glaze then emulsion (white) drying took for ever! A watched pot never boils and so on. But sadly it didn't work as I had hoped the glaze just didn't do what I wanted. (what it said it would do) any way re-painted in the emulsion again, then got a gold ink pad and brushed it all over the dry paint. Now because it didn't work very well the paint was quite lumpy in places and crackled in others so because of the texture draging the ink pad across worked quite well (I think!)

The top worked the best can you see the crackle it's a shame it didn't do this all over (so it must be my technique) if it worked in one place., it should work all over. I am sure Tim's crackle paint would work (but such a small pot for £5.99 and this is quite a large area)  Also, I was doing this because I was testing some products. Really you should be able to see the gold from the base coat but as I said it didn't work so the gold you can see is from ink pad.

One final photo to give you a perspective of the size lol isn't it cute? I have also been buying some solid full size furniture (yep this was a test run, that's why I had to try certain products) and now my crafty stash is in beautiful solid wood furniture (all from the charity shop) If all goes acording to plan I will show and tell. ;0) so now you know why I have been so busy lol thanx for looking and any comments you make be back soon I really can't wait to hear what you think of this project and the fact I will be trying the Full size versions, it's still crafty isn't it, I do hope you will pop back to find out. And I will do some more of the usual crafty stuff I normally do lol.  Love Dawn xx


Melinda Cornish said...

it turned out awesome!!!!

Cheryl said...

oh hun this turned out brilliantly love it such a great colur too hugs cheryl xxxxx

Linda Ledbetter said...

Dawn, you did a fabulous job on that little guy! I can't wait to see what you do with full-size pieces!!!

Liz said...

Really Beautiful Dawn

Liz xx

stampdiva said...

So cute!!!! This is good enough to be sold in a little fancy boutique shop - adorable. Lynne x


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