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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday Easter Basket

Hello my fellow china Easter basket swappers. At the beginning of March the lovely Terri & Mather of TCT decided it would be lovely to have a china swap for Easter, I was in like Flyn (as they used to say) I am still waiting for my basket to arrive but finally the lovely Fitty has received hers now so (I sent is 7 days before Easter and I was told it would get there in time) four weeks later I can show you what I sent her. I had so much fun getting this together for Fitty.

As it was Easter I obviously had to put some hand made chocolates in there for her to make her feel particularly special. I should of got my self some as well salivating now mmm.

I made a tag and had to put this cute key ring in when I saw it. It says 'Keep clam and have tea' how perfect for our little swap? and I put it in a little egg gift box (continuing with the Easter theme).

And finally not one but two sets of TC&S Fitty said she adored flowers of all kinds and was a romantic, she also likes pastel colours so I thought of the lovely Royal Stewart (What flowers are these?) I have no idea but this is a great cup. Fitty is also very much into trios so well, I sent her one of these two. It's colclough china and just lovely. Poppies make me smile. Thank you for visiting I do hope I will be able to share Fitty's gift next week. Love Dawn xx


2amscrapper said...

what a fun idea!

Karen said...

What a loely, lovely idea Dawn. Looking forward to seeing what you have in return x

Terri said...

Hello Dawn,
Yes, Fitty is going to be thrilled with your lovely basket and TWO beautiful tea cup sets! Wow! I do hope yours shows up soon! With international mail you just never know!
Thank you for joining the swap and for sharing with us today.

Diann said...

What a lovely gift basket you put together!

Snap said...

What a wonderful Easter basket for the teacup swap! Lucky lady! Happy Tea Day!


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