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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

I have been on ebay way too much this past few weeks and so I have stocked up on the ol' Tea Cup & Saucers. At the moment trios are really very much my thing. So I got this little beauty.

I don't know anything about china I just buy what I would like to drink out of so if you know a little please share. I am currently looking for a book to help me learn about china cups (as I am only a beginner) any suggestions? Any way I hope you like this little beauty. Don't forget to pop over to Terri's & Martha's for more yummy china.  Love Dawn xx


Terri said...

Dawn, that is a lovely tea cup trio! What a fab find on eBay. I don't often see all three pieces, so it is extra special.
I have a book I use for reference, "English China Patterns and Pieces", it is a good pictorial guide to china. I also have "Collectible Cups and Saucers book 3" by Jim and Susan Harran. It has plenty of examples and great photos too. Martha might know the best books though. I found the ones I have on Amazon, but I am looking for better ones too.
BTW, I mailed your box yesterday, I hope it arrives safely soon, and that you love it.

Snap said...

Beautiful Royal Albert Berkeley set. Well done! Tea can become an obsession! Happy Tea Day.

Dazie said...

Gorgeous tea cups, have you checked out Moretvicar on facebook? She has the most amazing trios and other china and accessories I have ever seen and good prices too!


Terri Gordon said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks so much for visiting me, oh that is a beautiful set. I love the three piece sets, they are wonderful to put a lovely sweet treat on. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Coleen said...

You are right, what a beauty. I started a tea cup collection when I lived in America, but never pursued it here. Like little pieces of antique art.

Coleen in Ukraine

Ido said...

Love tea cups and saucers, the tea cups I use them everywhere holding stuff, the latest, holding facial soap in the bathrooms. The saucers I use them as spoon rests or also for soaps, I love them! I've been finding them lately at second hand stores for fifty cents, how cool is that? Love that tea cup you have on this post, may be you should get a subscription of tea time magazine, I haven't seen the magazine, but it's all about tea, teapots and cups, etc. Hope this helps a little.
Have a lovely day!

~*~Patty S said...

ooo so pretty
You amaze me with two blogs woman!
I can barely keep up with one these days...I seem scattered to the four winds since our travel



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