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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hello you know I have been shopping lots for tea cups lately but I love getting something lovely from a charity shop (twice the pleasure). This is a Royal Ascot. It's in wonderful condition the gilding is perfect and I really do like the shape of this cup. I am sharing this with you and the lovely ladies Terri & Martha who run Tea Cup Tuesday.

I am not a rosey person when it comes to cups. Well I am and I'm not, I liked the shape of this and it's lovely handle but I wasn't keen on the red & yellow roses I am sure some of you will find this delightful, saying that, I liked more than I disliked and they were to cheap not to buy them ;0) who knows they may make a lovely gift one day. Thanks for stopping buy Love Dawn xx


Diann said...

I really like the clean line of the roses. The colors are nice and crisp! Have a wonderful day!

Terri said...

Hello Dawn,
Your new cup is very pretty. I love the shape too, as well as the lovely fancy handle! A good find for sure!
I love going to the charity shops when I am in England, you never know what goodies one will find : )
Thanks so much for sharing your new cup.


Hi Dawn
A fabulous teacup and saucer,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Spyder said...

ohoo I haven't come across Tea Cup Tuesday yet, so I'm going to look it up! Very Pretty cup, and of course, milk in first!

Princesa Nadie said...

It´s a pleasure meeting you again
I have not enough time for comments but today I am visiting all my old blogger friends
Your tea cup is very pretty

Bella said...

Hi Dawn,
It does have a very nice handle.... but the roses are what do it for me:-) Lovely Cup!
Bella said...

Oh this teacup is delightful!
Really adore the yellow rose :]

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Dawn: You are so funny. Sometimes I buy a tea cup for the same reasons. Have a wonderful dear my friend. Blessings, Martha


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