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Monday, 16 March 2009


Morning every one, lovely weather here in the North west of the England. I was on the Do Craft web site when I saw some of my friends creations. Sue, she is a lovely lady, made these amazing little dotees, well I had never seen them before, and I thought they were adorable. So I asked Sue how to make them she directed me to her blog here have a look, she is so cleaver. Any way that was yesterday now I have created my own! these make great gifts, you can put some scented oil on and make you draws/wardrobe smell nice or you can put moth balls in them and put them with clothes you store a way like a wedding dress, or you can make decorations out of them for the Christmas tree! they are lovely don't you think?
The amazing thing is you can be as intricate, or plain as you like, I have put some chain stitch on here and some lovely adhesive gems to create a little sparkle. You can put more stiching on, or if you like you can make a charm to dangle on the bottom of the dotee, (this will also act as a weight) you can make them out of felt, fleece or cotton. I filled these with light weight filler (for stuffed toys) but you can put wheat in them or dried beans. That's what I love about this the possibilities are endless. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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sue-bubbles said...

Oh she is beautiful Dawn, welldone you! She will be the first of many - there will be no stopping you now! I love everything you have written about them too!
Sue x


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