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Friday, 6 March 2009


Hi and thank you to all those who have already stopped by. Can I encourage you to add your self as a follower, all you have to do is look down the left had side and there is a button that says follow, just click on this and then you can pop back easily as you can't forget the address lol I know I do all the time. You can also put this blog on to your favorites just click the star with the plus sign on and this blog will be added. I hope this helps as I am also very new to blogging and any tips can be very helpful. I have been doing this blog for about a week and it's not the easiest thing to do if your a bit of a techno phob, but I'm getting by and I'm also getting lots of help this is a very friendly community. So if you have any tips comments about this or any thing else please leave a comment, thank you Dawn

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