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Saturday, 14 March 2009


Did you watch BBC one RND last night? I've never blubbed and laughed so much, it was a fantastic mix of laughter and fund raising. The films that were shown were so moving just £5 can save a child from malaria thus save a life £5
The children in this country who care for a sick parent, if a child cares for a parent they receive nothing , no counselling, no help of any kind,and this we call a civilized rich country. These children have so much responsibility for their young years, they don't get to be children. I feel very strongly as I'm sure every one of you do, that children should be out playing laughing having fun with no cares. However, sadly it's a fact that millions of children though out this would are struggling, dieing and have no one to look out for them, so I urge you to click on the heading and donate something.
It was amazing to see last night that despite the credit crunch, comic relief beat the last total by 15 million last I saw on TV, they will far exceed that when all totals are brought in. Not all the people out there are bad some like you and me care and love our fellow man. It doesn't matter how hard things are here for us just five pounds of our money can save a child's life please give what you can Thank you.

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