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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Baby James visit!

I had my beautiful grand son for two whole days and not had time to do very much other than ache all over lol He has worn me out, make no mistake (being disabled I have done far too much) but I love having him so much! we went shopping bought too many clothes for him the last photo is at 6am wide awake and playing with me & grandad, Hope you like the snaps lol Love Dawn xx


Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, what a stunning little lad you have there :) He looks like a livvely chap - no wonder you were so tired but I bet it was worth it :)

Emily said...

He is so cute! Just like his grammy :)

brenda said...

What a super little fellow Dawn. You have to enjoy them when they are that size as they grow up so quickly - and get more expensive.

B x


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