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Monday, 18 May 2009

How cute?

Oh I love wild life especially when it visits my garden to make me smile. I put a new feeder in the garden and took photo. Hubby this morning saw a squirrel and shot it (with a camera)Unfortunately it was through the kitchen window as he didn't want to scare it off.So it isn't a great photo but you can see him very clearly helping him self lol.

Oh I have a heads up for you I will show you the NEW WOJ stamps they arrived today! so if you want to take a peek! and I will be giving lots of stash away over the next week or so I will also be selling lots on e-bay lots of papermania, Basic grey and so many little things so keep popping back as some will only be on show for a day and others a few days. Love Dawn xx


Aunty Sue said...

Morning dawn so glad you got your whiff of joy Grrr wish i had them cant wait to see what you do with them have seen a picture and the main images are to die for.
As for your son joining the army my neice has just got into Welbeck which is very difficult she has her eyes set on sandhurst when she finishes and her main aim is to come to the house in her uniform as an officer and get chris to salute her. What are they like. Hope he does wel and gets where he want to go. Guess it is mums job to worry about her children even when they grow up.
Bye catch you later. Pm me on docrafts if you would like some of my new stamps to try. You know you will buy then. lol

alison59 said...

Oh I love to see the squirrels :)

brenda said...

Hi again Dawn, missed these piccies before. I love to watch the squirrels in the ganden, or Sam Squibble as my three year old grandaughter calls them.

Back in the Autumn we watched one for about three hours - my hubby had a clear out in the kitchen (well someone has to, I have important things like crafting to attend to)and found some nuts which he put in a bucket on top of the tractor - one little squirrel spent the entire afternoon stashing them away in three different locations.

He was shattered when he finished, but I bet him and the missus had some good winter feast !

Don't forget to pick up what I've left for you.

B xx


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