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Friday, 1 May 2009

Stampin Up! examples

Hello, I have been busying myself with making some examples to show at my workshop (taking place 7th May) I am really looking forward to sharing my love for stamping with some people who DON'T craft, I know there out there lol . Below is a bag(obviously) but it was just plain when I got it I have now got to work and stamped it so when I go to the shop or post office it's a nice enough to hold those little bits of shopping and small enough to fold away when not being used. I stamped hearts on the other side. With the plastic bag not being used (I fully agree) and re-using bags it a way we can help the environment too! so go on buy one of those plain bags and Stamp it Up make it yours I have.

I am really pleased with these little boxes and a matching keyring! to the left is a (pillow box) I have used the versamark to stamp the paper (sorry the photo is not of a better quality) added some ribbon it really is easier than I thought. What better way to personalise a gift of a small piece of jewelry of some special chocolates, you can gift wrap it yourself making the gift that much more personal, really it didn't take that long and this is my 1st attempt. I have also done another little box with a Velcro fastening this is a little more difficult but it can be decorated in so many ways. Both boxes can also be used as favors for weddings. The keyring is my fave very easy to make & so useful too! I have put little post it notes on the in side so when you need to write something down a phone number or an e-mail add or even food items this is ideal.

And finally (apologises for the photo) note cards and gift bag, aren't they cute? Stamps are so versatile you can personalise all most any thing. You can use them in home decor, imagine personalising lamp shades or candles. Making Pain T-shirts personal to you! Stamps are not just for cards or scrap booking. If you would like to have a work shop at your home I can show you other ways stamps can be used. e-mail me I would love to share my love for stamping with you and your friends. Love Dawn xx

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Anonymous said...

Wow these are fab :)


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