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Monday, 4 May 2009

Dita's Story

Look at her, how can any one abandon her?

Ahhh isn't she lovely? We certainly think so. In 2006 we went to a rescue centre and saved this one. she had been abandoned (looks like they got as many pups as they could) and all her teeth are broken (left out side in all weathers) with frustration she chewed the concrete (how sad?)

Well she was a handful but only at first. She couldn't be left as she pined terribly (probably thought we wouldn't come back, poor thing.) She followed us every where, it was like having a 2nd shadow! However, with patience and love she settled after a while and we can leave her now when we need to goto the shops or what have you. She is about 8/9 yrs old, so we say she is enjoying her retirement with us. Dita is a wonderful brindle colour (unusual for the breed so I'm told) The little one is Stormy this is her friend she often comes to visit and play with Dita. Dita is a wonderful companion. She needs a very good walk every day and a few little ones too, but she gets on with all other dogs. Unfortunately my poor cat didn't take a liking to Dita and Dita liked Hunny a little too much, so Hunny spends her day upstairs in our room and keeps me company on the computer, so every one is happy. I hope you like Dita's story please leave a comment. Love Dawn xx


Caroline said...

bless, how can any one hurt animals, I love Dita and you are a star for taking her in. Her friend looks a handfull lol

Sue said...

Hey Dawn

re the ms punches, I have 3, lattice arch and double scallop go through nearly anything and the lace doily can be a bit trickier it prefers paper to card. It did card when I first got it but alas no more think i abused it too much and now it only does paper. hope this helps the stampin up scallop edge is brilliant goes through card no bother
xx Sue

Steph said...

Awww, thanks for sharing this story & the gorgeous picture - you're a star :) xxx

Lynda Moss said...

Aww bless, Dita certainly has a great place to live, she has fallen on her paws! We are a sucker for animals too, we have a rescue home cat, a border collie that needed a new home and a little cocker spaniel puppy from a petshop that 'needed' us so I had to get her!

If the Tasmanian dog laws allowed I would get another dog as well but alas only 2 per family!

jem said...

Hi I'm jane,
Mr froggie blog, I am animal lover and have two poodles, I've had many cats and dogs over the years and I've rescued many a frog from the mouths of cats over the years and even a really sad couple were the female was loved to death and the male was caught round her bloated body. I read about your gorgeous dog with tears trickling down my face, thank God for people like you. Your cards are fab, I'll come back and visit you. janex


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