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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Altered Coasters

Hi everyone. I hope you're well. The snow has gone here in NW of the UK and the temperature is lowering as we speak. So cold, so wrap up and stay warm. I have been playing with some old coasters, I really liked these when I bought them (years ago) however, I have been looking for some new one's and I thought why not have a go at altering them and if I don't like them what's to loose? I gessoed them all and then got one of my little observer books with plants in and cut a couple of coloured plants out that I liked, stamped all the gessoed back grounds with some script then glued the flowers to two of the coasters, edged the coasters with ink and then transferred the other images on to all the other coasters. I think I like the lady ones the best, but I keep changing my mind lol. Any way these are they after I had a play around.

And these are they before! I haven't done the dinner plate mat's as yet. Not thought much about how I am going to cover them but they are all gessoed up and ready to go. do you have any suggestions? Love Dawn xx


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