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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Penelope's Dream.

Hope you're having a wonderful BH Monday in the UK.  I was busy this week with this 7x5 inch Canvas this is for a gallery show where all canvases will be this size. This is the first time I will be putting my work in a gallery & I haven't done any Steam Punk in such a while I thought I would give it ago.  There is a real enamel pocket watch face on there along with lots of watch parts I have even wrote a little story to go with it and aged it with distress inks lol

Penelope’s Dream

Hans was an inventor of amazing engineering standard. He wanted a little girl. With his skills he brought her into being as he had long wished to test his creativity on something much more complicated that anything static & lifeless. Indeed he wanted to create something with a mind of its very own. Penelope became his greatest accomplishment. A darling little girl with a wonderful mind (even though clockwork) here lay the genius of Hans the engineer. However, after many years in each other’s company and when Hans was then very old, Penelope asked what would become of her and Hans told her that she could do anything that she dreamed of.

Penelope dreamed of travel, she didn’t want to travel in the modern steam train or motorcar, she wanted to fly in the air. With her extraordinary mind she created with help from Hans a hot air balloon that would take her all around Germany and on to France. There she saw the delights of boutiques and how the women of France dared to dress. She grew sad that her small frame would never develop into a beautiful shapely woman that all would look at. And she had nothing but time in front of her to spend creating but never really being what she so much wanted to become.

I hope you enjoyed the little story that accompany's this little canvas I enjoyed letting may imagination take flight with little Penelope & her creator Hans :)  I also just found this challenge at Unruly Paper Arts and it's all about 'Gears' and we have to vote on what think is the best entry, There is going to be some talent on display (I am first up)  So I will have to see who else joins in, it's bound to be tuff competition. As it's the 1st of the month you may like to join in with ans art Journal challenge over at Journal Journey's There is also a link in the side bar. I hope you have time to leave a comment. Thank you for stopping by Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Another one of my art works. This is 14x14 inch 36x36 cm this is inspired by one of my cats Dude (in my side bar) Saying that, he could easily be one of your cats. I have taken the character of my cat 'DUDE' He's a fat cat He's a large sturdy cat and is cute in his own masculine feline way ;) 

He sits & stares at you for ages. When he want's something he talks to you, that could be for food, water, to go out or to say, hey 'Stroke me' He has a really loud purr which I find SO comforting, it relaxes me so much. He has so much love in his heart I had to depict it with hearts everywhere. And he loves to spend time with you on his terms (obviously, he's a cat!)

Here are some close ups of this inspired piece I do hope you like the story behind Cat! I painted the background with a limited pallet and then stensiled and played with stamps etc. then drew my cat and decided to colour some parts in and leave the rest, I then got  some more eco paint and painted all around to show the picture up. This is my newest piece for sale in my folksy shop HERE Hope you're having a lovely day. Dawn xx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring is round the corner....

With Frame

Without Frame

That is the name of this piece. It was snowing and I decided I had had enough of the cold and I was gonna paint me some sun! so I looked in my garden and there shivering were some crocus & some miniature daffs amidst the snow along with some yummy green foliage  this is where I started from. I thought of the coming Summer and the bees who would be here to pollinate my flowers and I got cracking and started the countdown to Summer. Layers and time to wait for drying overnight and more layers. It was a lot of fun I can tell you and I was soon feeling warmer and more hopeful of the sun & scents to come.

I have decided to start selling my paintings scary or what? Yes, very scary. Are they good enough? will people PAY for my work? I don't know but I have to try, so I am hoping you can help me out by spreading the news on face book and your blogs (is that alot to ask?) If your friends with me on FB please share my work as I post it. I also have a place on Pinterest where all my items for sale are on display.

Here are some close ups. I have been using stencils and texture paste to get this wonderful effect. Do you like it? I have been playing with metallic paint as well so there are lots of dimensions to this piece. Thanks for looking & sharing my work around blog land Face book. Dawn xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

I've been painting

This is Bunny
Oh My Goodness HOW COLD? We have snow, it's all too much for my poor crocus & daffs that were growing, there is nothing left of the poor things. The heating is on and I am so glad a made myself a yummy thick jumper as I have it on in the house So I hope you are warm & safe.

This is 'BUNNY' She started life out in my 'Diary Journal' HERE But I have put her on some cardboard and enlarged it a wee bit. It really made me happy doing this painting, I was smiling all the while :)

I am going to include this in PPF as well. Have fun this weekend.  This is now for sale in my folksy shop Dawn xx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Canvas 8x8

Hello again, hope your warm & safe.  This is another canvas using a quote I used in my last smaller canvas, I thought I would go bigger. This is the truest colour to the painting the others with the bad light look a little bluer than it is.

I took these two photos outside. I may add the white dots around the hearts, but I'm not sure as yet. I don't think it's completely finished now I look at it again, so I may have to add a few more tweaks. I am also including this in PPF  Have a lovely week. Dawn xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

5x5 Canvas

Hello, It's been a busy weekend, I hope your mothers, or you as mothers had a very special day. I was looking in my art journal and found a few pages I really liked that I thought I would like to make into paintings to sell in my Folksy Shop I am slowly getting some items together to pop in there. I just hope they have an audience lol.

As the title suggest this is 5x5 inches (including frame) I love this quote it remind's me about family and why we are here, and that we will go on and be together again. This is a comforting thought to many as well as me.

Final photo of a real close up of this lovely heart. Family are always in our hearts first and then our minds I feel. I used lots of fresco paints and lots of various stamps then drew heart shapes on book pages. Stuck them on and then uses Neo2s to colour them in. Finally I stamped the quote (one of my own) and did a little doodling. Thank you for looking. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 4 March 2013


We have had the sun shine out for a day or two in the NW of the UK and it's been a blessing I can tell you :). it made me feel all Spring like *smiles* so I  made this PC spraying the back ground with tattered angels sprays left to dry.

Then, I got out some stamps (stampin up very old) and distress inks, in various colours and stamped all over the back ground, many times until I got a look of a field of wild flowers. I created a feeling of distance to for ground, light colours that can be barely seen & using darker colours for the closer flowers.

I stamped the dragon fly's on three types of card, embossed for the body of one, plain card stock for the body of another and finally some scrap card which was covered in sparkly tattered angels sprays for the wings, This card is very glittery but I wasn't out in the sunshine when taking photos (it didn't turn out well so in the house I went. I hope you like the feeling of Spring. I may add a sentiment along there as well, I just have to find the right one. Thanks for looking Dxx

Friday, 1 March 2013


It's time to play with Moo-Mania and we have to use x3 moos on any project I have kept with the post cards. There is still yet more to come.  I am on a role with these and I am loving it as there is so many different ideas you can use, just like tags or ATCs but the space is 6x4

I really love making back grounds the back of the moos began life like this (see photo below)

Neo2s coloured like a patchwork quilt, then water sprayed all over  so the colours bleed together. With the back of a paint brush I scribbled (making marks is fun) then left to dry. I used this A4 card for moos, post cards and ATCs. The post card it self that the moos are on is also of my own design. This is lots of sprays (Tattered Angels)  and stamping. I hope you like these Moos/post card thanks for stopping by & any comments you leave. Dxx

Journal Journey's Monthly Challenge

Here is a sneak peek of this month's challenge over at Journal Journey's This month it's all about animals. Pop over for full details Dxx


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