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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Grungy Monday 13

Another technique from the master Tim and the wonderful Linda of Studio3 has asked all to join in. Who am I to argue ha ha. I went a bit daft with the technique here, well I do love the alcohol ink. I have lots of colours now and just love to mix it up.

I have also used some stamps from Dylusions. I do love the products that make up the dylustions range. and you can see a close up of the colours I hope you like this some times simple is best and I think I should have stayed simple but saying that I am happy with the out come. Thank you for stopping by Love Dawn xx

Tea Cup Tuesday

Good morning. Wimbledon (Tennis) is going beautifully the weather is fab and It's Tea cup Tuesday what more do you need woo hoo. This is my newest addition to my collection. And what a beauty it is, isn't it? Some of you may recognise it as this has been shown on TCT before by Terri her self. When we did the Easter swap I was let down and Dear Terri came to the rescue. The end result of which was this beautiful Trio and a wonderful goodie bag (which I forgot to take a photo of sorry).

I think you will all have to agree that this is a fine piece to any collection and I am so happy to own it. The touch of the china is so delcate and it's so fine it's almost see through and to have survived all this time in such a wonderful condition is a credit to who ever has been looking after it all these years. Now it is my turn, and this will be used, as all good china should be. However, I will be extra careful ;0) Thank you for popping round to share by china and I hope to be seeing some beautiful china on my rounds today. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Grungy Monday

Well it's Sat morning and it's raining again (surprise) And we had such plans for today. Any way it has given me time to join in with Grungy Monday over with Linda & Tim And I always have fun making things with techniques ;0) So here is a tag full of fun & paint ;0)

There is a mixture of Crafty Individuals stamps and images as well as some Timmy goodies ;0) It's not to late to play along. You have until Sunday night ;0) I hope you like the tag. Oh and while your here I would love for you to pick up my NEW blog button for my Journal blog as I will be starting a monthly journal challenge in July. I do hope you will come and play along ;0) Love Dawn xx

Friday, 24 June 2011

Learning Digi

Hello it's Friday all ready and it's all passing so quickly, I started a digi course on Monday. I am so not a computer person. I barely manage with a blog, learning slowly as I go. Any way the new course is Here on Tam's page of classes, this is also where there is a fabby FREE class (I talk more about this on my Journal blog) so if you want to know more and see some of my examples of this course please pop across for more Info. 

Yes, so me and computers do not mix, but I thought I would be very brave and show you all just how much of a beginner I am so no laughing ;0) It really is laughable if you know anything about digi. But I want to encourage perhaps some who are scared of things like this and say, I completed all the tasks and there was a lot to learn in this first week (I am practising lots though) And if you compare this to a college course, yes you get the teacher there IRL but the course are a few £100 so I am told and this is more my pocket size and Tam doesn't do a bad job at all and so much support through the week to answer questions. Any way enough gabbing here is my very 1st piece of digi. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Recycling a bag

Over at Ginger Snap Creations  where the focus this month is shopping (I think a few of us know what this is all about lol) One of the challenges is Bags & Tags pop over through the link for more information. Here you can see my bag with tag. I saved lots of these kind of bags when ever I go shopping, because they can make a really nice gift bag and you can usually make them with scraps but they look so cool.

In the close ups you can see I have been using Wendy Vecchi  'Art Parts' and a button given to me by the lovely Petra in one of the swaps we did together. An old bag charm fell to bits so I have used the bag from this to pop on here. The stamp I have used for the tag was a freebie from the lovely Malcolm from 'Crafty Individuals'. I do hope you like this gift bag. I am also grateful to my new followers I am always amazed that people want to follow my journey through my crafting life and I am always pleased to see you all. More news on my journaling blog to (I am so excited about this) I will me doing a monthly journal chalenge, please take my blog button (left hand side) 'Journal Journey's'  so you can be directly there with a click of the mouse. (just save as a photo and copy and paste my journal blog addy in to the button. I can'r wait to begin. And a big thank you to my friend Souix of ArtyJen for taking the time to make me some beautiful buttons for my blog. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Zetti My first time

I have never done anything zetti, you will find my blog zettiless ;0) as I don't really warm to it probably because I don't understand what it is all about. I know it's quirky and black and white (sometimes) and mixed animals but I don't know WHY? and I know lots of you out there are zetti mad so can some one tell me what it is? what is it for?  or is it just odd abstract art? Any way I was asked to join in with a swap I advised I didn't really know what it was all about and they said it's a challenge dive in. Me I love a real challenge (I was so out of my comfort zone) I have made one with out knowing a whole lot about it and hope it hits the mark.

So tell me honestly is it a zetti? is it any good? After I made it I thought well I think it fit the criteria and I was kind of pleased with it. Not sure it's one of my fave art forms though lol ;0) Here's hoping I have made you smile this Monday morning, Have a great week. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Grungy Monday 11

Here we are again. All sharing with Linda & Tim.  I can't believe I missed last week! I am so into my journalling at the moment. I have an exciting announcement about my journal blog actually....... I am preparing a Journal challenge which will start in July (my Birthday month) one challenge each month. And if any one can make me a challenge button so I can spread the word (pref before the end of June) I would be SO grateful ;0) I do hope you will come and join in. July is going to be a busy month for me ;0)

And now for the close up ;0) I am so glad I got these mini clear stamps, they come in handy when you want to do an ATC or tag ;0). I think this is pretty much a Tim Holtz tag! I even use the die cut of his to create my tag. I finally used some of the ribbon and died it with some distress inks. I love this button (pity you only get one)You can use it on so may projects can't you? Well I hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are and that the sun is shining. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Morning my fellow china lovelies ;0) I really look forward to Tuesdays every week because I know I am going to see some wonderful things from all the lovely people who join in with Sandi Trisha Terri and Martha every Tuesday to share there beautiful wears. I have recently bought this beautiful trio. I kept seeing these wonderful lilly of the valley flowers and they were the wonderful button holes and bouquet at the latest royal wedding and I love them. So I had to have this when I saw it.

Isn't this a lovely stamp? It's on all the pieces such a lovely identification stamp ;0)

I wanted you to see this lovely trio in detail, so I have taken more photos than I normally do.

And finally the lovely handle. All the gold gilding is in wonderful condition, all over the set and this is where it's usually easy to determine how well it's been looked after. I would say pretty well, wouldn't you. I was thrilled with this purchase. I have another new (to me) cup winging it's way to me. And I hope to be able to post it for you next week. Don't forget to leave a comment and have a nosey at all the other china around. I will be back tomorrow with a lovely tag, be well and have a lovely day. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I love you blog land xxx

Hello blog land ;0) I am showing you a journal page here because this is where all my blogging began. And this is where after two years (yep it was Two yrs in Feb) I wanted to dedicate  this new journal spread to all of you and what you do for me ;0) I know it doesn't even scratch the surface. (sorry I am so frustrated I am sat here freezing hoping that two annoying fly's get the idea to stay away from me and my comp and go out the piggin window or back door PLEEEEESSSSE) Sorry Yes I love you guys and all the support you give.

Here are the photos in CU (you can click and enlarge) Go away fly' hang on I have to get a blanket! K, I'm back. (one down and one to go). Dude is in now and looking at the fly this could get messy ;0) So where was I?  Yes this is for all of you wonderful people, who have given me so much. And thank you for all your well wishes for when I have to go in Hospital next month. I have also decided to give you a little surprise gift to the ones who comment on this post (I know lots of you visit and comment and this is for all you guys who follow my little adventures) nothing major but I have reached over 250 followers now and I am really grateful for all of you. So just leave a comment and then I will announce a winner and get the stuff off to you you have until the end of the day 12am so not long Love Dawn xx

The Dude looking just yummy and I still have one very annoying fly problem aarrgh!

Give away now closed. Lucky 13 was the winner! That's Gez I need your addy hun I will be sending a sweet surprise in the post thank you for being a lovely follower ;0) and thank you all for your wonderful sweet comments Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

AIW Magnets

Hi gang how are you? I have had some bad news today but at least I was kind of prepared for it. I had an operation before Christmas  which didn't do the job. Now in July I am going to have to have a hysterectomy. Now this will mean NO crafting for a few days if I can't figure out what I can take with me for a few days so I can still be creative. I need your help! I know lots of you craft on the go. I can't take much I was thinking of journalling as it is not as in depth as the mixed media (I need all my things close by for this ;0) So help me out if you can guys.

What do you think of these? The top ones are Magnets and these are small glass beads, would you buy these for your art work? (with out magnets) to add as embellishments? The beads are £1 for five and the magnets would be £2.50 for three. Click on my folksy shop (left hand side bar) I only have AIW in mind for this, as cup cakes and the eat me drink me is so popular. What are your thoughts? Let me know have a great day. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Kittens 4wks old

Paris Proud Mum ;0)

Lots of cute kittens for you to see at 4wks. old (4 of 5 have survived) there are making their own way around the room the're in. All are now lapping milk (special kitten milk of course) I could show you lots more ha ha  but will wait until they are bigger again, maybe next month at 8wks. Some one mentioned they was surprised I allowed Paris to have kittens as I all our pets are rescue animals. We are keeping all the kittens and then Paris will be going to the vet when she has stopped feeding them. Not that we haven't already had offers for adoptions. I hope this answers any queries, we certainly wouldn't allow our cats to have kittens to take them to a rescue centre. All our cats are neutered and Paris will follow. So here are the kittens for you to drool over as requested. Love Dawn xx

Oh a short announcement I have been having a really good clear out of my crafting goodies and I have lots of stamps for sale on e-bay of lots of different brands. The reason for selling is I am more into mix media/journalling now than making cards and all these stamps are in fabby condition. Here is a link to one of the stamps, if you then click on sellers other items you will see every thing I have for sale and some really good bargains to be had so have a good nosey and save some pennies at the same time Dxx

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shabby chic book.

Morning bloggers. I was very busy on this and I am working on something else that's going to take some time to complete, so I hope you won't think bad of me if I am not around much. I was however, please with this very much. It may have taken time, but time well spent I think you will agree. This will be added to the items for sale in my folksy shop I hope you will take time to look HERE.

Here are some close ups of the inside of the book. you can use this for several ideas. As a photo album, to give as a gift to a special some one. Or you can fill the spaces with your thoughts or quotes you like, you can even use this as a base for a personal scrap book, you choose. I have given it a shabby chic/vintage look which is very popular and of course you know I love these types of elements.

Even the back looks good. Imagine this on a coffee table, it just beg's to be picked up and be browsed through, a nice conversational piece to. Now I hope to upload some photos of the kittens soon just 3wks old now, they have their eyes open and they are just lovely balls of fluffy yumminess bless. There is also A challenge I really want to play before Monday, and James is coming for a long weekend from today so I am really trying to push a lot in by the end of the week (fingers crossed) ha ha. And welcome to the new followers Romance of roses, Two crazy crafters & Lisa M Griffin I have made it to over 250 followers (who would of thought) So I will also sort out some small give away soon for this achievement. Love Dawn xx


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