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Friday, 4 November 2011

Canvass Angel

It's time again for the party that is  Paint Party Friday (PPF) I love this challenge, as long as there's paint you can enter. And it and the people that join in are so inspirational and just make you want to pick up those brushes and get excited about paint ;0) And here is my piece, a canvass 9 x 12 this was so much fun to create.

This painting glows and is so ethereal, I really got on the canvas what I wanted the painting to express, and this is a wonderful new concept for me when it comes to canvass lol If you can't actually join in I really suggest yhou have a look at the entrants there is some amazing work out there. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The start of Christmas

Hi, do you have family far away that you don't often get to see? Well I do, as I am sure many of you do to. I was thinking about this and came up with this tag. I thought it would be nice to add to a gift, there are some Christmas colours in there but it doesn't much look like a Christmas tag so to speak. I just loved this image and wanted to use it so much lol. I have cut an extra band of her hat and added it to give a little lift. I love the short hand, the green is two colours of colour wash I love spraying these about they make fab backgrounds.

The paper used for the text is actually old magazine crushed up and then gessoed, to mute the colours, so it's not just plain paper and there are shades of green etc to blend with the tag.

I was messing around with some distress inks just swiping them on some tags and thought I would make a few quick tags for gifts as well. But they also fit in to a challenge Less Is More as they are thinking about stars this week. The star was a great free stamp form a magazine I have on subscription. Thank you for stopping by as always I love to see & hear from you. Oh can I just mention that I have a new challenge for the month of November over on Journal Journey's I do a challenge on the 1st of each month but there are also lots of other journaling goodies to share I hope you can stop by Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tags shabby chic style

Morning every one, I hope your week is going well. I am currently in a tag mood so I thought I would make some tags today. As you can see there are two tags and I have used the same image. Look how different the tags are even though I have used similar colour pallets and similar items. I love the shabby chic look and although it's Autumn I have used Tim's distress inks so the pinks are rather subdued. I really love making the backgrounds,  I inked them all over then splashed with water and dried to achieve the effect. I also used Tim's technique with the Perfect Pearls on one tag by stamping swirls adding the PP and then drying. As I covered most of the swirls I also used the Technique with the stamp at the bottom You can get more information about this challenge on Linda's Blog So I am entering the tag on the right for the challenge.

Here you can see better in the close ups of the tags. The image (lady) looks rather sad, I think her Fiance was unable to make it to the church on time, why? I will let you decide ;0) Thank you again for stopping by. If you're in to journaling at all why not stop by my other blog Journal Journey's I run a challenge each month you still have time to get your entry in, I hope to see you there. Love Dawn xx 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Grungy Monday #24

Hello again. I thought I would make a tag for the challenge this week. This week with Linda & Tim we're going to use some ink, Perfect Pearls & water to perform a really useful technique! Click on Tim's name to be take to a video to show how this can be achieved. This week there is a prize signed by the lovely Tim himself, so even more reason to join in.

Here is a close up of my tag. As you can see I have used the mica powder twice, I wanted to give this tag a really nice Autumn feeling with the colours I have used. I also love texture in my work the perfect pearls gives me this as well as the music paper and the lace. Thank you to those who vist & comment it's lovely to know some one is stopping by.  Can I also remind you that you have until Monday to get your journal pages in over at my other blog Journal Journey's Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Grungy Monday #23

I am not really a card maker, so I near ducked out of this weeks challenge over at Linda's at grunge Monday #23 We have been asked this week to make a tim card in 10 min. Mmm this was a challenge but one I took on and I am happy to say I enjoyed it lol. Having just made some new storage for my Alcohol inks Previous Post that gave me a starting place so I gathered all my bit's 'n' bob's together and looked at the clock.

I thought I would make a Christmas card as it's nearly November! Picked some cool colours for the Winter feel, and got some Timmy stamps out and some permanent ink as well as some glossy card. It was really simple to make and it only took 7min, so I was really pleased but it is really a very simple card.

I also wanted you to see that the metallic AI really does show up wonderfully, the light is always too dark to take photos even in the day now, but that's the weather for you lol. I hope you like the card, do pop along and see all the other makes, I will be. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Storage for alcohol inks ;0)

Hello, I hope to find you well (if not dry) the wet weather here is so bad, so if you don't really have to go out stay in and craft as well as keeping nice & warm ;0) This is a lovely size box and I have been looking for some more storage so I spent the evening last night playing with foil, alcohol inks and paper amongst other things and this is what I turned this little box into.

Some sticky foil and some alcohol inks made the bottom part of the box, then I put some of my Alcohol Inks (AI) all over the side. I really love playing with AI on all sorts of materials like glossy card stock, card board, frames and it's super fun to use on metal of all types. I keep my earth tones and metallic's in this one.  This will make for much easier use when I want to play. All I need to do now is just take this or the other box out of the cupboard. Love it.

And for this part of the box I used scraps of paper. I cut it narrow so the black box would be the boarder and then added a few images here and there (not all are shown) But I love the finished box. I have my lights and brights in this one, I have to say I love the Watermelon colour I think I use this the most, do you have a fave AI colour? let me know. And if you like this post as well as any other of my posts you can now click the +1 at the bottom of each post. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Still Struggling

Thank you so much for your encouragement yesterday, It really helped get me back on track. I decided to do  a couple of challenges to have some focus. This card is for Less Is More (LIM) Who would like a one layer card with hearts, I find one layer cards very difficult but through having a good look at the amazing people who played along I thought I would have a go and I am quite pleased with the result (for once lol).

This tag is for two challenges, Less Is More and Gingersnap Creations they are doing a colour challenge of blue, purple & turquoise, I love these colours I kept with the heart & one layer theme to fit in with LIM.

And I thought, hey while your on a role and the ink is out why not do another Tag, I do love this heart stamp lots so I had to use it. I didn't quite like the white back ground so I used another new stamp form Hero Arts (this is going to get so much use) Gave it a very like grey ink colour and then it stayed in the background and I have to say I really like this one so I feel the passion and mojo returning, we're not quite there but it's on its way. A big thank you again to the lovely ladies who commented yesterday thank you. And thank you to all of you who visit day after day. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My First Christmas cards

Hi me again, how is your day going? it's still wet here in the NW of the UK So plenty of reason to be crafting. I am however finding it hard at the moment. I just keep making things hoping desperately that something will come to mind. It's not just the mojo, it's my passion for crafting it's self that seems to have left me. I am so sad about my feeling towards crafting at this moment. I hope it lifts soon. So I thought I would try some new stamps, I have bought some of Tim's new Christmas ones they are fab. I really like them but I just can't think how to use them (mind is so not working here). My theory is when lack of mojo hits, is just to make anything and keep going until you start getting some where.

As you can see, both are very similar, I think they will pass to give someone (just) but I can't help but thinking I am still way out from where I would like to be. There is something missing from both the cards, maybe a sentiment of the angel one, but what about the top one? What can I add to make them better cards? any suggestions? Maybe it's because I haven't made any cards for ages but I think I'm kidding my self by saying that.

These were my first attempts and these will not be going anywhere but the bin! (although I may cut the hearts out for journal pages). These are just total disasters, I was trying to create one layer cards, but these just don't look right to me at all. So I think this has been a brave thing for me to do, show my worst makes of the day! lol Although they won't be a complete waste of time, as I will salvage something from these two mistakes (card and hearts) So how is your crafting day going? Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tag Swap

Hello again, You may think these tags look familiar, well they are ha ha. I made these for a swap called Autumnal fruits on Heather's blog. I just wanted to remind you what I sent ;0) and if you want any more details about them just click Here. But what I would really like to do is to show you what I received in return ;0)

The Lovely Sonia made this, isn't it lovely? I love all the doodling round the edge and this young girls expression is wonderful. Unfortunately there was no blog details so I can't send you over there. Sonia if you stop by leave me a link to your blog I would love to see what other things you have been making and I can also add your link here so others can pop by to.

Isn't this lovely? Love the texture for the flowers they are a sticker of some sort (peel off maybe?) what ever they work. The lovely Joanne made this I am always stopping by her blog not only is she a fab crafter but we both adore our cats lol.

And this is from the lovely Sue. Again a beautiful tag, love this bird so tweet! again, Sue if you do stop by please let me have your blog so I can put a link in and pop round to see you.

This was a love Swap thank you again to Heather and all those who joined in Love Dawn xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Messing with Masking fluid

Hi everyone, I have been playing with some masking fluid (MF) in a couple of ways but there are lots of other ways to use this great stuff. First make sure you have an airy room or a window open, this is really smelly stuff ;0) but so versatile. I have first just dripped the fluid over white CS allowed to dry and then sprayed colour wash over, blot with kitten towel (don't throw these away they are very useful.) and dry gently with heat gun. Then just rub the MF and it peels off like a glue. You can then stamp or what ever you like as you back ground is done. I like the third one best here as I've used several colours and used less MF. but that is all part of the fun you will never get two back grounds the same ;0)

 Another cool way is to paint using the MF First I sprayed the tag an orange colour, then painted using the MF When it's dry I sprayed another colour on the stop (i was a little too heavy with it lol) blot and dry then add details to the shape with a permanent marker. I added eyes, mouth and lined the pumpkin! You can do lots of other things too, I am just beginning to play around, why not use this in journal pages as well? Which reminds me I have my challenge for October which is all about Autumn over on Journal Journey's I do hope you will stop by and join in ;0) You can also paint ontop of details you have on a card, page etc and the add other things on to and they will still be under the MF protected, then when you have finished just rub away and the detail will appear again.

I have also been experimenting a little with this new resist paper, I have the craft Christmas set of Tim's but I don't know if I will ever use it? maybe I just need to play with it more, but I'm just not that pleased with it so far (and you know how I love all things tim) any way, I adore this card from Happy Daze you can see I used it in the back ground to the other tags I photographed above. And here I have used some fabby stamps from Dina Wakley. You will be able to use chalk, ink and sprays with this paper I have to play some more but I thought it such a good find I would share it ;0) Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment, it's always lovely to hear from you. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Journal Journey Ch04

Hello my crafty friends, Hasn't the weather in the north West of the UK been exceptional for this time of year ;0) I have been washing like a demon lol and getting to grips with wearing T-shirts and flip flops again lol. Any way, I thought I would share my challenge with your from my other blog Journal Journey's Yes it's the beginning of another month and although the sky is blue and the sun is warm, it's still Autumn, the leaves are falling and turning all sorts of wonderful colours. I do hope some of you enjoy Journaling. I have a monthly challenge and this month it's all about Nature & Autumn.

Here is a sneak peek of my example, I do hope you can pop along and have a look and hopefully join in ;0) The blog button is in my side bar for you to include on your blog or to click on to Journal Journey's I do hope you will join in this month Love Dawn xx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Paint Party Friday

I have been busy with family things for the past couple of weeks and so I haven't been around hardly and I have missed you all so much ;0) So I thought I would play along with Paint Party Friday I hope you like my canvass this week, I didn't space the lettering out very well but hey what art is perfect (don't think any of mine are lol) so I hope you forgive the imperfections and enjoy it in all it's imperfect glory ;0) You can click on the photos for a larger view. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Miniature Frame

Oh how laps have I been in my blogging lately? Well the only answer I can think of is, very lol. But family always comes first and I have been so busy, what with seeing one of my sons off to university and now I am over my operation fully I feel more able to play with paint and paper again. So here is a little something I made. I seem to have travel on my mind lately he he. It's all this Autumn weather I long to be away (should imagine we all do at some time) I have altered a cardboard frame with clear EP having first inked the frame. Only a small project but ever so cute don't ya think? Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tag Swap

Hello every one ;0) I have now taken one of my boys to London and settled him in at his University digs. It's been a very busy time and art work has had to come second (Family first). So I haven't been around much I know. I have seen a swap for tags, how cool I thought. This will get me going, I love making tags. So I am joining the lovely Heather For her first swap/challenge.

For the swap you have to make three tags size 3x5 inches, each tag has a different theme made by Heather This is my version of 'Vintage Birds' with some stamps and a little help from the Graphic Fairy and Vintage Moth Some stamps and a wee bit of time ;0)

This is my version of the 'Day Dreamer' Theme image from Crafty Individuals and flowers & bird painstakingly cut from Laura Ashley DP ;0) Some stenciling and inking and some paint covered with clear crackle paint to add to the texture. If you enlarge the photos you will also see that the back ground is also covered in clear crackle. This has warped the tag a little but I'm sure it will flatten out with a weight on it for a while ;0)

And last but by no means least is my take on 'Season of mellow fruitfulness (Autumnal)' Some die cut leaves in co'ordinations card stock for texture both used as stencils and actual die cuts. Some stamping on paint chip (love using them) and actual leaf imprint on some friendly plastic and metallic rub on to show the leaf detail. I do hope you like these tags ;0) one of them could be yours if you join in the swap I hope you play along. Love Dawn xx


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