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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Are you all excited for next weeks reveal. Yes it's another WOYWW with the lovely Julia. I know I can't wait to see what you have all been creating but on to to days little peek!

As you can see not much going on! this is because of the little boy in the top left (grandson James) we haven't seen him for about a month and he has changed so much in that time. Now 18 months old he is so funny and learning about boundaries in Grandmas house ;0) He's a very quick learner lol. Onto the desk! can you see the lush new ribbon that has arrived from America. (the postage was almost as exp, as the ribbon!) I won't be doing that often but  did have to have some and I am so glad I did it's very yummy!

Thought I would give you a little peek in to another draw, this is my brad draw! and this is only the top layer!

 A little close up for you I have moved a few so you can see a wee bit more, and yet there is more underneath this! so you can see I have  few brads/gems lol now a few of you last week spotted that I was working on altering a tin.

And this is it! although I later remembered to stick the other 's' on for Bits N Bobs lol, this wasn't the easiest thing to alter having round edges etc. It was going to be a little sewing box, but after all the bit n bobs I have I thought it would get more use 

Here is the inside, which has since been filled with my new jewellery bits well I had to put them some where didn't I?  I also thought I would enter this into a challenge. Alter It Monthly (AIM) which is to use metal in some way. I have already entered once with an altered bottle cap. 

It's gone much cooler here today very cloudy and I have to get out and about with the little man before it rains. I will do my best to get round to you all later when he is having a nap (please let him have a nap!) Love to you all as always Dawn xx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday 13 (and a tag)

I have been watching from afar for weeks, and I have to say I love visiting this blog every week. So if you would also like to have a look I have a link on my side bar (if you haven't already had a look, it's been there a while) or you can click HERE. This week I have decided to show one of my tea cup & saucers I hasten to add I am not what you might call a collector, although I do love china tea cups and I use them and most of the ones I have (only a few mind) are all second hand from charity shops. I saw this little set, and  had to have it, well wouldn't you it's a beautiful colour.

And it is just as beautiful in side as it is out! like I say I buy second hand I don't buy them if they are chipped any where but this does have some wear and tear on the gilding. So you see I really am not a collector. I just love tea cups they are so varied and pretty. I hope you enjoyed my first showing.

Now this is for all the none tea cup people ;0) or if your like me tea cups and crafty nonsense lol This is one of the quickest tags I have ever made so excuse me if you will. It's hubby's B'day on Sat. and This will be on his pressy however I am picking up my grand son James today (we haven't had him for a month I have missed him so much) and because we are having the lovely James you know how much time he takes lol (doesn't any grand child lol) I have yet to make hubby's card and there are so many ideas running around my head craft wise too after the fab wk end I have had (see previous post) the steam punk was still there and I thought very male tag I do hope you like it, I also have another new follower today hello and welcome to you I hope you enjoy my crafty journey half as much as I am, as always if you leave a comment I will get back to you as some point this week. enjoy the week and the weather (it's a wee bit cooler today) Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- TH distress inks, Stamps, Paper Artsy and Artistic stamper. ribbon stash.

Monday, 24 May 2010

My Crafty week end

First, WEATHER SO HOT AND YUMMY Just the way I like it. I hope you are all getting the sun where you are in the UK and else where. But please be safe slap some cream on, I just cringe when I see burnt people especially when it's their children! 

Hello to my new followers, so nice to see you and I do hope you are enjoying looking around, don't be shy if you leave a comment I can pop by your blog too!

Now, South Wales, is just beautiful, so green, and so much to see, I have been to North Wales many times also very beautiful. I would like to say the Welsh are all so friendly there, thank you for making me feel so welcome. So I think I may like to go there again.

Gema Hewitt (for her blog click HERE) was the teacher for the week end I am sure if you read magazines you will of seen her about, she is forever in Craft Stamper and lots of jewellery mags too, as well as loads of others. She was very knowledgeable and helpful too. A really sweet person, I also enjoyed the company of all the ladies that were there. Jane, Ann, Catherine, Leigh, Joan and Magna. All beautiful women and thank you for being you. Although I can not believe not one of them has a blog! and all are very artistic. I will show you a little of their work too. (wish I had taken more photos).

The photos above are all Gema's work, this is a FT job for Gema she does fairs and commissions etc. as well as teaching. Gema  also makes the cutest hats and stunning corsets.

These are some close ups of my little creations and each piece has many techniques. I was pleased I managed to make this much over the week end having never made anything like this before.

Leigh is a silver smith and makes Jewelry, she is so creative, hers is the first pink piece. This isn't finished but she placed it how she would like it to look when it will be. I thought all the little extras she added where just stunning. And the next one is by Joan, who is editor of 'Making Jewellery' magazine. Again the creativity shines with all the extras that Joan added to this (also not complete) I am sure that when these two pieces are finished they will be even more WOW. I am sorry I didn't take photos of every ones the other ladies were just as beautiful, maybe there's will be in the next issue of the 'Making Jewellery' magazine.

I hope I didn't bore you with this long post ;0) This was my first craft class I have been to and I am glad it was with people who new their subject and that all who attended really were lovely.   Thank you for stopping by. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Vintage adverts (so cool!)

Thank you for all your comments yesterday, I have been round some and I will get to the rest soon. Lots of you spotted my little tin I hope to get this up for tomorrow. I'M GOING AWAY FOR A CRAFTY WEEK END!  he he. Yes so lots of things to organise as I am traveling tomorrow (long drive from here almost to Cardiff) it's all going to be about polymer clay and steam punk jewelry and I am very excited as I am going to be meeting new people and learning lots of new things. I am sure you know I love techniques and trying new things. I am going to take my computer and camera but I don't know if I will get to put much on my blog. But I will let you all know what happens, I'm sure lots of you have heard of Jema Hewit. She's for ever in magazines. And will be there teaching the steam punk jewelry class.

Any way on to the adverts, these are some mags I got yesterday I have a couple already and I said in yesterdays post that I would show you a closer look. You are going to love the adverts in these. But I have read some of the articles too and they're really a great trip down memory lane (all though I wasn't even born yet!) these are from 1958 I can still remember some of the film stars, although all the above have long since departed.

I don't know this lady but I do know Deano and Doris lol. Click on this to make it larger and read this! adverts have changed although I think they have the exact same effect but are much more subtle.

Now I loved Elvis look at this right up for his latest film (not very flattering) and it mentions that he will be off to the Army for two years. Will the fans wait for his return (not likely is the thought) but we all know they did wait and loved him even more lol. And look at the wonderful Dean and Doris I loved these I have loads of Doris films and lots of Deano CDs. (may have to get some of his films too).

Look at this. Solid wood game all the numbers will make perfect inchies! £1 for the game I love this.

Well I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane and the adverts. I think I will photo copy them or scan them (not sure how my printer does that I have never used the scanner) I will have to work it out, I think it would be a shame to cut them up wouldn't it? Well I can't ignor the weather any longer it's sunny and set to be hot hot hot (well hotish) for the week end., so slap on some cream and get out in the sun and recharge, go find some new inspiration, meet with friends or family, but get away from the computer and blog land for a few hours he he. I do hope you have enjoyed this post, I share what makes me smile, and this made me smile. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Hello, You wouldn't believe this but last night I posted my special WOYWW anniversary project! so I am two weeks ahead! so if you was quick this morning you saw it! but I have filed it away now for another two weeks, Who knows with two weeks left O may make something else as well. Now WOYWW is the fantastic invention of Julies we all have a good nosy on other peoples work desks and get some inspiration. I don't get much in the way of anything done on a Wednesday now as well over 100 people are playing each week and it can take up your day ;0) I get as round as many as I can, I think the days of seeing every single one are beyond me now this is how popular and addictive this is. Seriously though if you have a wee bit of time this is a great way to pick up things and satisfy that general nosiness we all have lol (or is that just me?).

As a little bonus I thought I would start showing a little extra each week (of all my stash) this should keep us going a while ;0) I won't go through every thing just click the photo to make it larger and have a good look.

I will explain a little of what is on my desk though can you see my new storage addition (oh it is so lovely) I though I would put all adhesives in the top. and in the middle stamps that are new or I haven't used in a while and this would encourage me to have a go with them as they are in easy reach! As always I have been to some charity shops, new ones this week I have had some fantastic finds. earlier this week I posted some wonderful finds so you will have to go back a post or too to see but yesterday I went to Altrincham (I think that's how it's spelt?) any way so many charity shops I have to go back! but can you see the magazines to the left of the picky? they were not cheap (£2.99) as my usual buys are but I have to have a couple. there was a huge stack of them, if only they were £1 each I could have had 6 lol I will show these in more detail to morrow along with some other bit's and bobs, so pop back tomorrow if you can. oh a little tip can you see the blue and yellow box? this is a cooking sheet to cook pastry on or to cut up to put in the frying pan you can see the dirty old one on my desk too so I thought I would get a new one from the £1 shop yes ONE POUND is what my craft sheet cost and I got the first one that you see in Dec. so I think maybe not as good as the proper craft mats but they take heat and I mix alcohol on them and inks so this is my tip get to poundland and buy one I think I will pop off to Altricham again for some more of those mags have a great day I will get round to you all soon. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Hello wasn't it sunny again on Monday I created a few things I was really steaming a head ;-) which was wonderful. I love that feeling when everything just slots into place and one thing after another was just great! I am using this for two challenges. I bet you can guess the 1st one? Yep it's Sir Stampalot 'Blossoms & Butterfly's' (number 4 for me) pop over for more info I won't bore you again. The 2nd is SCD They are celebrating their First Year  and going back to where they started so this celabration month will be 'Twinchies' and this week is 'flowers' the first week was butterfly's but I missed it so what a great a  great combo i'll but both together ;0)

Here is the close up. It's some eco friendly stamp board (cheaper than the normal stuff). It' began life plain white. So I had to make some differences, I used a few DIs, some stamps and some of my FP (see previous post) and this is also A bit of a hint to tomorrow's post! if any of you play WOYWW with Julia with the rest of blog land lol there is something special happening tomorrow so make sure you pop back here to see where this Twinchie fits in! Love Dawn xx 

Edited to add some more photos (couldn't help my self he he)

This is another little Sneak peak for tomorrow's little project, I am getting really exited about WOYWW this week ;0) I have altered a few Bottle Caps  (BC) and I thought I would show you two first this little sneak peak one you will get all the details about this tomorrow.

I have to say I am really pleased with how these BC are turning out. I haven't squashed this one (like the previous one)  I then covered in alcohol inks when dry I stamped back and I punched out a Crafty Individuals photo then I added some stickles all round some glassy accents and then painstakingly placed each gold glass seed bead round. And I am going to enter this into a challenge  Alter it monthly This month the theme is 'Tin Pan Ally' so any metal pop over for all the details. So you can see why I had to add these two little things I am off out for the day so see you all tomorrow. love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Distress Inks (DIs) Tim Holtz. Stamp board, Fruit Pixie. Stamps, Laura Ashley and Paper doll art (Catherine Moore).

Monday, 17 May 2010

My first Fabric Paper!

It's Monday, I hope you have had a lovely weekend too. Look how sunny it was yesterday (Sunday) when i took these photos. I made some fabric paper (FP) and it was so much fun! This is some cotton I got from a charity shop (you would usually use muslin) however cotton is fine I used a table cloth  but you can use an old blouse tea towel ( as long as it's a thin 100% cotton). I got some vintage sheet music riped it all up the covered in waterd PVA glue then added crumpled up tisue paper un-crumpled it then more PVA and let it dry.

Oh while the PVA was wet, I added some liquid acrylic (just a few drops) then brushed it all over,  on my 2nd piece I used a couple of colours of GM and brushed it together (you can use ink or paint wash) I wish I had more room I would of done more than two sheets, and I have already used it in a project! (see below). So if you like to get a wee bit messy and would like to try something new, why not make some FP.

What do you think? It's been a while since I made a card. I am going to use this for some challenges I think you can guess the 1st one ;0) this will be my 3rd entry (as long as each entry is different eg. card, ATC, LO etc you can enter as many times as you like) 10 cards would only be one entry though. Yep  it's for Sir Stampalot you know I want that prize. A darling Tim Holts goodie bag (fingers crossed) The theme is 'Blossoms & Butterfly's. Next it's SSIC I love the ladies here and the spirit they bring to each Sunday. Their theme is 'Music/singing' and there is lots of music notes and the birdy is singing.  Next Allsorts theme is 'Birthdays' And the final challenge is Sunday Stamper and the lovely Hel's theme is 'Red' and there is plenty of yummy red on this.

I went all Tim Holtz (TH) on this card. I have used the fabric paper to punch out some of TH flowers and the birdy I have edged the flowers in red DI

I also die cut the bird cage, it's metal, I have used alcohol inks to put colour and texture on the cage,  (I love the effect) And you can see my bird better here made from the FP too!

I didn't want to put happy B'day on the front but I think this would make a lovely B'day card. the ticket is another TH die cut coloured with DI and a beautiful butterfly stamp embossed (so it is raised) to add yet more texture. This idea came to me in a flash when I thought about the birdcage and I love this card. I hope you do to. Thank you to all my visitors for your kind words and encouragement. I have been stopping by quite a lot of new blogs as well as my usual ones and I am never disappointed but always blown away by your talent so your comments mean so much to me. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- there's a few lol. Stamps, Crafty Individuals and  Stampin' Up! Alcohol inks, Ranger. Perlescent liquid acrylic paints, Daler & Rowney.  Papers (DP) K&Co. Mini Letters & Brad, Making Memories. Distress inks (DI) & Die cuts (alterations) Tim Holtz. Material, tissue, jump rings, vintage sheet music & beads from my stash.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Final flower of Four (GSC exchange)

My Final flower for the GSC flower exchange! I will Post all four to Hels who I am sure lots of you know,among her many DT positions she is also on the GSC DT So Hel's if you looking I'll send them on Monday Morning x. For those of you who don't know Ginger Snap Creations Has a Yahoo group for stampers. Great bunch of crafters from all over the world and we share alsorts. Well, this month for those that wanted to, there was a flower exchange you can put what you like on the flower but you had to follow the template and make four, and you get four in return. I am also going to enter this in to a challenge over at Sir Stampalot I am sure you know they have a challenge each month this month it's 'Blossoms & Butterflys' I would really love to win the prize this month, so pop over for more info.

I really like how the red goes with the GM colour (Juniper) it's almost monochrome with a splash of colour. I didn't put the Stampington & Co stamps away ;0) they are wonderful aren't they lol You can also see here the masks I have used. I put some DP on then painted with gesso, when dry I used some masks and sprayed the GM all over.

Edged with some silver inks, added some tags, flowers & butterfly and job done! I also like the way this photo turned out. the focus is nice and sharp where the flower/butterfly is and blurred around the edges (now if I could only get it like that every time I wanted I would be happier lol) So what do you think I hope your Sunday is going well God bless you all on this Sabbath day. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Masks, Lawrence Llewwlyn-Bowen. (LLB) Design Papers (DP) Laura Ashley. Gesso. Glimmer Mist (GM) Tattered Angels. Stamps, LLB & Stampington & Co. Ribbon Stash. Images coloured with copic markers.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Challenge time

I thought I would share an ATC with you and I am going to enter it into a couple of challenges. Well, I couldn't resist as they are such wonderful challenges. The first is the lovely Hels On Sunday Stampers. The theme this week is 'GOLD' I have only just made this in time as it finishes on Sunday so hop on over quickly as it's really a good theme & prize. Next is Sir Stampalot This is running for the month of MAY and If you like Tim Holtz you will surly die when you see the prize. The theme this month is 'Butterfly's & Blossoms' and if you have different projects (like a card & ATC) you can enter more than once which I think I may have to ;0)

Here is the close up. I photographed this outside and the sun really picked up on the GM and glossy accents. I inked a normal size ATC with DI's then I stamped with the cogs and punched a hole in to attach the TH sprocket & Needle. Then I made a frame and sprayed GM all over in two contrasting but complementing shades. I stamped a couple of other images and cut them out and added them to the frame and also a lovely flower. I hope you like my ATC, I have really enjoyed all your lovely comments as I have been getting back  into my stride, thank you for taking the time not only to stop by but a special thank you to those lovelies who constantly leave comments, I feel honored. Love Dawn xx.

Items Used:- Stamps, Stampington & Co, The Artistic Stamper and crafty Secrets. Glimmer Mists (GM) Tattered Angels. Distress Inks (DI) Tim Holtz Ranger. Flower, Wild Orchard Crafts.

It's the week end!

Hello bloggy land, how is your weekend going? Well this getting up early is going rather well I was up again before 6am this morning and all fired up. I first prepared for church tomorrow (reading scriptures praying etc) and then I found a cool tutorial for these flowers. Terri I am sure some of you know. Had made these scrummy flowers so I thought I would give it ago and do it only a little differently. First don't bother trying to punch them out (when you watch the tutorial you will know what I mean, nightmare!) this is because they are crepe flowers and they kinds stretches, so just punch some card in the size you need, than you can then fold the crepe paper like a fan and cut round your circle (SO much easier lol) Also Terri managed to find the most adorable crepe paper, no such luck for me so I improvised lol. I bought white as they only had the garish primary colours (and I did so love Terri's pastel colours) so I bought white crepe paper and used my GM, easy as that and I can have lots of colours.

Thought I would show you a wee close up (it wouldn't be a post with out one now would it lol) and the pearls were in that tin of buttons I got for a £1 at the car boot last week. Speaking of bargain's I got some crackers yesterday.

This is solid wood and a music box too. Looks like some thing used to be on the top, but that didn't bother me not when it was only £2.25 BARGAIN! I love my charity shops. I also managed to get a Scrabble game (for the tiles you know) for £2 and if you try to go on e-bay and buy just tiles you will know what a bargain that is. I managed to get some doilies too for 50p each I am not kidding I was so happy yesterday when I got my scrabble I have been looking in the 'ol' charity shops for months for that game and those doilies. Oh what else mmm, oh and so much material (because it's a wee bit worn and holey)  for just £3 I kid you know there must be about 3-4 meters of yumm quality cotton. I am going to start to make some fabric paper with this today. Oh, and there was a delivery this morning. I now have some more TH dies The bird cage, the shield and the ticket strip I am pretty happy bunny now, I have the ones I really want as I managed to get the flowers and a few others ages ago So looks like I have loads to do and it's not even 11am yet. Have a great week end. Love Dawn xx

Items Used:- Plain White Crepe paper. Glimmer Mist (GM) Tattered Angels. Pearls from broken necklace.


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