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Friday, 28 January 2011

Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #29

Hello hello. Is it cold here in the NW of the UK? Yes it is! oh such a chilly today my hands were turning blue and I had leather gloves on, saying that the skies are blue and clear so I don't mind as much =) Although parts of America woke up to 10 feet of snow yesterday. So Shouldn't complain I guess. There is always some one worse off than your self isn't there?

I have been making a card for a swap I am doing (the swap isn't the card though) it's some thing else and I  have sent it on it's merry way. Having a wonderful day so far, Been up very early and also been to the Chorley/Preston Temple. Oh how I love the peace and tranquillity found there.

This card is also for Linda's challenge CCC# 29 found on page 50 so do look to your Tim book and have a go. I kinda like the effect of this, maybe I would use card stock next time as the emboss wasn't very deep on grunge and so I found the sanding part difficult (or was that just me?). But I really do like the effect. I have been trying to leave comments but not been able to for two days, what's all that about? Well I managed to leave one last night and again this morning so I assume blogger is working again. So I will pop by and make a few comments come Monday as I have just got home with my darling little grandson James so we shall be playing out this weekend (please no rain) and I'll hopefully be back Monday to play some more. Have a wonderful week end what ever you decide to do be safe and have fun. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Birthday Cards.

How have you been my bloggy pal's? I hope I find you well to day and that you have had some fun crafting (or you will very soon). I have joined a wonderful swap for tea cups & saucers, this is where I will send a person one of my TC&S to a fellow swaper. If you like teacups like I do there is still time, to join in the fun, there is a link on the right hand side but hurry as we all have to have them sent off by the end of January so we have new gifts in time for Valentines.

I have two birthdays this week, both are on Sunday unusually, (friends from church) This is for Barbara I stamped this beautiful image on photo glossy paper, these stamps from the stampsmith are even better on glossy paper than on card stock although very nice on either.

Here's a close up, I also put some of that glass glitter that looks so vintage. There is also some vintage lace I have had ages it just fits so perfectly with the colours I thought. I put some stamped images and ribbon on the inside.

This card is for Pat. Different image (Oxford Impressions) but stamped on linen card stock I love the added texture here there is also another smaller male image on the inside.

Here is the Close up I love the added tag (from Papermania) I think I have had this tag for at least 2yrs ;0) every thing fits when it fits don't throw anything away lol. The remember scallop comes out (how cute) I have written a little message on her for her. I hope they like their cards, I really enjoyed making them. Have a wonderful day Love Dawn xx.

Monday, 24 January 2011

AIW Tags.

Hello, How was the week end for you? cold & more cold here. Didn't get out much, well except for church but more about that on my other spiritual blog (link on left side bar) I love the AIW stamps I have. And I thought I would make a few distressed tags (three of each) for a pack of six. These would make a nice gift, or at least come in very handy lol.

There above is a close up and also what they look like for writing on the back. Yes they are quite simple to make, but I really liked them and I thought perhaps some one else would like them to, so I have put them in my little folksy shop (link on left side bar) There are other items in there you may like to have a look at too, you can stop by any time. Well it's still early so I must get back to my other life as wife and mother and leave ol' Crafty Dawn until we can play again. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Hello and how are you my bloggy friends? Thank you for all the encouragement with the journaling you all made me smile. ;0)

Any way My Hubby got me a fabby gift for Christmas. It was a new camera and I love it (I'll love it more when I know how to use all the gadgets properly ha ha) Any way I hope you don't mind I thought I would share some of the photos I have been taking (Bear in mind I am only a beginner lol) and I promise some craft at the end too if you can stick with the long photo heavy post.

 Chorley/Preston Temple
 Some of the grounds at the Temple

Lola now 7 month old and getting in to lots of trouble ;0)

And now for the promised crafting.

Remember in previous posts I was talking about the small journal swap I was doing? well this is the book cover I have made with a cereal box and alot of time playing with stamps, inks and glue lol I feel a blue Peter badge is due *chuckles to self* 

As the theme was birds for the book I thought I would go bird crazy. The images are from the Graphics Fairy and came beautifully off the printer. I added some bits and bobs as you can see.
I have really tried to get the light in here. I used glimmer mists as a back ground with lots of stamps, and I had to high light the bird in places so when you look flat on it has texture and is kinda 3D if you know what I meen. I'll have more crafting to show you on Monday mean while have a great week end. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 21 January 2011

More Journaling

Hi how are you all? I have been popping on bloggs here & there but I have been crafting an awful lot too.  I find if I put the computer out of the way I get much more done. However, the hazard to that is I don't get to your beautiful blogs as much. Saying that I am covered in paint and ink and I love it ha ha.

So over a week since I blogged but I have a lovely page to show you. What colour makes you smile? this is a question I answered with PURPLE. I love it, and it always makes me smile. it's a warm colour with out being boring and I can wear it in the Summer as it's a bright colour too. saying that I don't have much in the crafting draws that are purple, but I do wear it quite a bit.

Here a couple of close ups. I am happy doing some journaling now. (I was afraid of taking the plunge for SO long) This is going to be in a swap and we will have 12 or 24 if we do two for the year. I think I'll stick to one as I have committed to a few swaps so I have to think carefully. I know I have much to learn regard Journaling but I am always a willing pupil ;0) Look forward to popping round and about to see what you have all been up to. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hello hello. Question, how do you eat an elephant Answer, one bite at a time. I have been blog hoping around for ages looking at Journaling but each time I saw one journal page it just overwhelmed me and confused me more. This is one of the things I have been promising my self to have a go at. And never got round to. Firstly because I was a bit scared of the whole thing and like, where do you start? And secondly, I really didn't know much about crafted journals period. I have long kept journals,  I try to write in them often. So when it comes to a crafting journal what do you do? Any way my problem is solved  I was on my pals Kathryn blog and wow so much stuff on there worth looking at. Any way she is asking people if they fancy having ago at making a calender journal one per month not a bad way to start to learn is it? I thought to my self and I have already started TWO journals, can you believe that.

The first is this calender journal. So I guess I am kind of saying if you ever fancied having a go at making a journal/page then just do it one step at a time, it may seem like a huge elephant but it's the same as every 1000 mile journey begins with one step. You can do this in any aspect in life not just crafting so what you waiting for? Now don't get me wrong this is no out of this world piece. But do you remember your 1st card, scrapbook LO, ATC or any thing you made, you thought yes I can do this. And now when I think or see photos of my 1st cards LOs etc I think oh my, I thought these were good when I started . However, they are a start and we can develop along the way together. This is why I love blog land, it really has positive uses, and I am happy you are all a part of it.

This is another journal I have started. This is for a SWAP I am doing with a very friendly group I have joined. These are the cutest size too. just 3 1/2 x 5 the 1/2 is so you can bind it in and I made such a cool little folder to put all the swaps in that I receive. (although I haven't finished decorating the folder yet) I have done my 1st page the theme will be BIRD  the bird image is from Graphic Fairy (There is also a link in the side bar)  Ther really have great images here do try to pop along. Each month we will get another word maybe egg or nest whatever, for the full 12 months and then when the swap is over you will have a minimum of 12 pages (as you can do more than one a month if you like) to put in the journal. I love things like this not too much pressure. I am so happy about finding this group of lovely talented people in it. Any way I digress sorry for the lengthy post today but I had to share my experience of Craft Journaling. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

Vintage tag

So how did the weekend go? How cold was it? heating is on full pelt again. :-[  I have been prepping some things for altering, I hope to finish at least one of those this week. The cross stitch is coming on slowly. I can only spare an hour or so a day on it and I am not fast. er what else, oh yes I am going to make a start on a journal, just a small one (as I have never done one before) but  hope to get cracking on that too. Yes lots to get on with. And finally on to this tag.

I love this stamp from Oxford Impressions. Isn't she just darling? So I really made it vintage looking with my DIs and lace. The DP was from my friend Petra (sweet girl) and I just thought how perfect it was for this image. Nice to have a little colour isn't it  (thanks hun xx) and the ribbon is a perfect match. So do tell, what have you been up to? If you leave a comment I can pop round to your blog as well to see what you have been up to. Thank you again to all who comment they really are lovely comments. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 7 January 2011

Hurry up Spring

Good morning, it's Friday woo hoo. Please hurry Spring, I need SUN and warmth, oh and some good light to take my photos. Any way, ;0) I had a wonderful Anniversary, thank you all for your well wishes. Isn't it nice when people in blog land make you smile whether it's there art or just because there all such lovely people. Thanks again. Now I made time yesterday to make a few things (loving my new regime so much more time to do stuff) Any way I thought I would make a few tags. With Spring in mind and longing for the trees to be green the birds and flowers to bring scent and sound to my garden, I made this.

Here is a CU. lovely tag size  (using one of Tim's Alterations from sizzix) I put some inks all over the white card, then couple of darker shades of green I stamped lots of busy busy bees. I then stamped the image on the tag then again on some card to create a coloured and layered look. Cutting round those tiny birds was hard. I do like how the bees show through the cage part of the manikin though don't you? I used some copics to colour the image (just a light look). I hope you like this, I really enjoyed taking my time to make it. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Folksy Shop (new items)

I have been busy again. However, as I am more organised I have more time phew and those hours are getting filled. I have started a cross stitch  that I've had years, you know, one of those purchases that you have to have but never get round to making. So I hope to show you that soon ha ha. Now on to new makes for my folksy shop. I was encouraged to make more things as I sold my first item over Christmas. I was so thrilled some one wanted to purchase something I had made. So I have made a few items a couple of which I will show here but if you would like to see more then you will have to pop over to the shop ;0)

As you can see I have been playing with lots of things I have had these mini canvasses for ages too so I have used all three to make some yummy One of a kind (OOAK) gifts, with lots of details. The other's are available to look at or purchase at the Shop. The link for my shop in on the left hand side. 

I have also been making, post cards. I am not that sure these will sell so I have only made two to test the waters so to speak ha ha. You can see some of my new goodies I got for Christmas here Love this image/stamp.

I have stamped the image on glossy card stock so this looks like a vintage photo on a vintage look post card what do you think? Well that's me for now see you again soon. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

For my Sweet Hubby

Morning gang ;0) If you read yesterdays post you will know that  hubby and I have our Anniversary on Thursday, and we are still very much in love Aah lol. So with the next event on the crafty calender being Valentines I thought I would use this theme to create a card for hubby and fit a few challenges in while I'm at it lol. Over at Studio L3 Linda is having fun again each Monday with Tim's Book and this week it's rusty grunge. I really do like this technique. I am also playing along with GSC I am using Petra's idea of scraps. And lastly  Artistic Stamper who want to see wings.

The lights was so poor this morning despite us having more snow in the NW of UK today. Here you can see a wee bit better the details of the rusty grunge key which I give to my hubby who used it to set my heart free to love him for all eternity *swoon* the heart is slightly raised over the grungy alcohol inked cage. The wings and heart are made form scraps as well as the obvious vintage music paper. I hope your NY is going as planned and your all well, I'll be popping round a few blogs today to see what you have all been up to. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 3 January 2011

First craft of the New Year.

A wonderful Happy New Year to you. I am getting back to normal now ;0) All the Christmas decorations and DVDs are away again until December. It's going to be a busy week this week. My friends Mother passed last week and so I have the funeral to go to on Wednesday. This is the card I have made, I really need to get some sentiments with a good variety (have you seen anything you can suggest?). Although I have a nice verse inside the card. It is sad to loose friends. But I bare testimony that this life is not the end we carry on to live for all eternity and we will all be together with our families forever! There is also a baby due any day now for my cousin so that is a wonderful day to look forward to. And unusually they kept the sex secret so there will be a beautiful bundle with us soon. And if that wasn't enough it's our wedding anniversary on Thursday, so I will have to get busy lol.

This is the first time I have used this stamp (Maribel-Stampelglede) and I hope from the close up you can see the distress glitter. As well as new paper (Anna Griffin)I thought I would enter this for a challenge or two as it's the new year and challenges are always a good way to get back in to the swing of things when you have been enjoying quality time with family  & friends and have been away from crafting for a week or two. So I am entering this into SSS&S they want to see your new stamps. And Creative Inspirations would like to see anything new you have. I have been lucky this year I have a few new stamps from Crafty Individuals too and I hope to show you some of those soon. I hope you have all had a wonderful beginning to 2011 and that your blogs and crafty selves will continue to stop by and share your wonderful artiness with me. Love Dawn xx


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