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Friday, 27 April 2012

Fabric yuminess

Close up of the small version with green ribbon

Close up of large each ribbon hand sewn at the edges

Large flags are sewn all the way round

I have been making things for my Folksy shop this is just one ;0) Click Here. I don't often sell things but I have lots of material and it's time I used some of it ;0) So I have made some bunting in two sizes. It will look lovely in a bedroom or hanging in a garden. Bunting makes me think of times past, and brought a smile to me and I hope to you. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cats & Dogs

More ATCs and more swaps. This has a title of 'Where's my Crown' I saw someone's ATCs had cute cats on and I had to do the same, but obviously very different. These Pugs and Pussy cats look so cute they have to have crowns, don't they? Only I don't get to keep them they go off into the world to make people smile. Here are some close ups........

The hats/crowns are from  Here & Cats & Pugs are from Here I am using more Digi images in my work it seems but hey ho as long as it's working I will continue to play with them ;0) I do like the back ground work for these ATCs though, you should of seen the colour of me ha ha I do this a lot in my journaling as well I love the ghost like images and the depth it gives. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

Learning Crochet

Hi good morning, this weather is really getting me down. Having a lot of pets all the rain equals mud & lots of paw prints all over the house. What happened to my sunshine everything is grey out side! Anyway enough wining about the weather, it doesn't change it does it? I mentioned a few posts ago that I got a new subscription to Mollie Makes Magazine and with it was this book. So I went to a charity shop and bought some wool and got started that very evening. I can now crochet squares and change the colours. You Tube is fab for everything, including crochet.

If you have never crochet before here is a great demo for beginners, although she is a be wooden when talking the actual video is a good one. I want to make some flowers and there are only too many wonderfully talented women & men willing to teach you. I am glad I could watch You Tube as it's really easy to get the hang of it (I learn better when I am shown)

These are wonderful, but I am not at this stage yet! But it's wonderful to go around all the links etc having a look at what people are doing out there. There is so much choice and I am sure you will find some one you will like and stick to if you want to learn or if you already know how to crochet you can find some really great projects & patterns for FREE!

This is a 10 minuet video but I promise you ladies even if you don't crochet you will love the woman in this video, this is such a work of art and took so many years this dear old woman chats about family & her mother who taught her to crochet. I fell in love with this lady and I am sure you will too

OK I hope you enjoyed this crochet post for a change Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Little Red Riding hood

Hi Me again, so how are you? feeling well I hope and looking forward to the weekend. I should be having James (grand son) but not sure I want to give him back the rotten cold he gave me lol. The ATCs are coming thick and fast aren't they? Here is another set. These however, are for a swap I am part of at  Blissful Art Swaps Click for more info ;0) Any way when I printed the template house they were smaller that the ATC size so I added them to an ATC card. I was really pleased with the finished swap but I will have to say good bye to these and I am sure I will get some LUSH replacements from the girls who are participating. Would you like some close up's? ................

These will be in the post to USA by Friday. Can't wait to see what this swap brings. I am loving the images from Inka of Altered Artifacts. See you soon. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fairy tale time

Morning everyone. I am STILL suffering with a cold, but you don't want to hear that, although I must tell you I make the best home made lemsip EVER! ha ha. Real lemons, orange blossom honey, hot water and a couple of good pain killers, ha beat that cold I was breathing and headache free in no time, so I am managing & thanks for your well wishes. I have been using Altered Artifacts for a while, she has some lovely images for sale. But I was looking for something in particular she didn't have and she came up trumps, in just a couple of days I had these delish Fairy tale images (story book) they will be called and they are not available yet but soon will be. Keep your eyes peeled. ;0) Here are some close ups.........

What's not to love about these images, I have always fancied stamps in these kind of vintage (lady bird) images you know sleeping beauty Cinderella etc Any way these are just a sample there will be lots more available. So a BIG thank you to Inka for getting me these yummy Images. I have typed sentiments on the comp. thought I would have a bit of a naughty laugh poor little lamb ;0) Love Dawn xx

 These are now on my trade page ;0)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Knitted scarf for Summer

Hello ladies, I have the worst cold I have had in what seems like forever (isn't that always the way when we have a cold) Man flu pooey, I am ill and should be in bed, but a woman has things to do and one of those yummy things I like to do is pop in to blog land. A reward after doing two lots of washing and changing the bed (but hubby will have to make it I am done in lol) I need lemon & hunny some chicken soup and a new box of tissues ha ha. Over the last couple of nights I made this lovely scarf so I thought I would share. Do you like?

I knitted this with jumbo needles 15mm so you get this very light weight lace scarf. I love the colours very Summery and lovely to go with a blouse etc. I have also been finally learning to crochet over the the last two weeks and I am successfully making granny squares but I will leave this for another post he he. Well I have some things to make for a couple of swaps I'm involved with to 'achoo' "bless me" I must go off and create lol I almost like this bad weather we're having as it keeps me in to craft. (almost) I SO prefer the SUN heat warmth Achoo oh excuse me. Well I suppose I had better clean all these tissues away and disinfect the computer ha ha have a lovely day. Dawn xx

Oh P.S. see the mug holder the scarf's on? this was a purchase from a craft (thrift) shop for a £1 keep your eyes out  for a transformation of this item ;0)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spring Tag

Morning, well it's looking brighter today and I have a lunch date with my sister so we can catch up with each other, we don't see each other much she works so much bless. This is a tag I forgot to upload over at Mary's blog. At the beginning of each month she gives away  some free images and asks you to make something including some or all of the images given. I made a tag ;0) and then forgot to post it doh! Well it would be a shame not to share so here are some close ups........

I drew the pussy cat my self and coloured her in with copics. I didn't have anything in the size I needed so it was a quick sketch on some card and then vola lol I hope you like my little effort and I strongly advise you go and pick up some free images, Mary has lots to choose from. Love Dawn xx

Edited to add, oh I have just seen a new challenge blog and there first challenge is a tag so I will enter my tag and if you also want to join in click HERE for more info ;0)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

ATC Swap Pt two

Look what arrived today ;0) This is my swap from Wendy I mentioned this is a previous post here. How beautiful these are I love them and thankyou so much Wendy for the time you took to fit little ol' me in from the UK And I was so happy to hear you found ALL the ATCs I sent to you ;0) Here is a closer look of her work........

As I can't join in the ATC swap over on their Blog being in the UK Wendy did a wee private swap with me, and I'm so happy she did, I just adore these ATCs and all the work involved in them such detail. If you like me like to alter things and use mix media Wendy along with her friend Kim are starting up an Art group on Yahoo click HERE for information and the link to join, this is not limited to the USA or Canada as the ATC swap is, so it's a wonderful opportunity to make/collect some fab art. Hope to see you there Love Dawn xx

Monday, 9 April 2012

ATC Swap!

Hi guys and I hope you have had a wonderful rest on the Easter break. We all had a fab Easter here in  our house, apart from the rain it hasn't stopped all day today (Monday) typical B.H. for England. Any way I wasn't going to share this swap with you until I also got Wendy's swap however, something completely bizarre has happened.

Wendy kindly agreed to do a swap with me because the swap club she helps run only swaps in USA & Canada. And I was so looking forward to joining in. She suggested we do a swap together on the months theme which was 'Springtime in Paris'.

And these were the ATCs I sent her along with a wee gift bag. Now the wonderful Customs and Exercise people decided to a) open and search my parcel and b) take two of the ATCs for them self!  How shocking?

I have no idea why they would do such a thing nothing living or against the rules as far as I am aware although I did put a few lavender flower specks in to give the parcel a nice smell but why would they then send some of the parcel and not all of it? As all the ATCs were wrapped in the same sealed packet? I am baffled. Any way Wendy I am so sorry about this I have no Idea why they would do such a thing. Any way here is a view of those I sent to you. 

Have any of you had your ATCs taken. I have to say this isn't the first time it's happened to me I lost a full set I sent in a swap in the UK the envelope never arrived at all. I think we have some postys who can't resist a bit of pocket art. Love Dawn xx


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