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Monday, 28 February 2011

GSC exchange.

So It should be the last day of Feb and Monday morning as I have set this for schedule. I hope the weather is OK with you and you have had a plesant week end. I made these for the currant GSC Exchange I had to join in. I have lots of these mats and an excuse to get creative with them seemed an ideal way to spend a day lol

Here they are all individually so you can see the details better. The only restriction was that all were individual and had hearts on, oh and the size. I will send these off and get four individual ones back in return. Anything else goes so I may make some more for my self, great for putting on the cover of a book or card and ready when you want them. There are lots of examples to wet your appetite so why not pop along and have a look on the GSC Exchange post for some more ideas. Love Dawn xx

My Tea cup swap

Hello, joined a tea cup swap for Valentines, it was organised by the lovely Faith Hope and Cherrytree and although I had never done any thing like this before I would defiantly do it again. I met the most beautiful & generous women. A couple of weeks ago I showed the lovely swap I recieved from Lorene Here and now she has posted what I sent to her. Silly me I forgot to take a photo so thank you Lorene and I am happy you loved the things I sent.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Vintage card, tag & a challenge

You know when you make something and your just so happy with it? This is what happened for me making this B'day card. I haven't made a card for a while and I wanted some thing special, as it's my mum's 60th (she doesn't look it though, I hope I have her young looking genes ha ha) in March and I wanted to be prepared and I am happy with the first attempt. I love this style. The perfume bottle is from the graphic fairy It's a fantastic site. Can't remember where the woman image came from (if any one knows let me know I can give them credit) Click to enlarge, the paper is a cracking price 30p from Art from the heart it's called 'sweetie' they have lots at this price. I added some stamped images of my own with TH distress ink, spun sugar to.

Here's a close up of the perfume bottle. I shrunk it so I could make a accent with it. It's coloured and then some Glossy accents to give it a glass feel don't think you can see it to well on this photo though.

I made this quick tag for a challenge with Tag Tuesday I haven't played in ages and it was nice to go back. The theme this week is 'Post Card' the options are endless for this, but I settled for this. Have a fabby week end. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 25 February 2011

Canvass 8x8

Morning, hope you are well. Thank you for the comments you have left over the last couple of days, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a message. If I haven't all ready been to your blog yet I will get round to having a look at what you have been creating. So I thought I would carry on with the canvasses as I really enjoyed making the back grounds and couldn't wait to get something on the space.

I think I have gone all steampunk! I was going to put so much more stuff on but it just looked crowded so I stuck with the ATC I made and just a couple of extras. Love this new stamp from crafty individuals. The paints I used are Dylusions from AFTH just click the link. So what crafty items have you been making? let me know I would love to stop by. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Hi, tis me again. Yes two posts today, so please have a look lower down for the first post, thanks. I saw these challenges and I just had to have a go at both of them. So I combined the two Gothic Arches is 'Butterflies' and I loved using these butterflies I can't remember where I got them but they are just lovely. The other challenge is SSS&S us your 'Stripes' and I have, with some left over basic grey scraps. And last but by no means least is The play date cafe (PDC)

I thought I would get a CU of the butterfly for you and I am pleased with how this photo turned out. All very detailed on the centre and then loses focus as it get's further away. You can enlarge the photo to see better if you like. Love Dawn xx

Mini Canvass

I thought I would play with some texture paste and some paint. This is what I came up with a couple of mini canvasses and I love them. Just slap some texture paste (I used Daler-Rowney) with a pallet knife used an old ball point pen and the knife to make some imprints then left it to dry over night. You can speed the process up with a heat gun and leave to go hard for a few hours, as I did. then get your acrylic paints out, two contrasting colours. Lightest first, leave to dry, then the darker one and while still wet get a damp kitchen towel and wipe away some areas to intensify the texture and hey presto cute mini canvass (just over 2x2) as a gift or a little decorative  item.

And as I was playing with paste I grabbed Paris kitten so cute (but not to small now!) and placed her paw in the messy stuff lol I tried to do it with 'The Dude' but I ended up with one white paw print dotted all over the kitchen before I could grab him and wipe it clean So funny, any way Paris was much more accommodating and this is a 1x2 canvass. Process as before only I used green and blue paint. Why not have a go yourself? you don't have to use a kittens paw (would be good for a baby foot/hand print) or you can just use what ever you have lying around to make impressions. I hope you like these cute little items. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

ATCs with perfect pearls

Hello all, and a very good morning to you this wet and grey Wednesday. I am not despondent about the weather today as it means I can craft for a few hours to day. I thought I would show you some of what I have been up to in my absence. I am going to enter this ATC in to the lovely Linda's CCC I love the Tim Challenges from this book and we're on page 56 this week so open your book and have a go. Tim was on QVC most of the day yesterday did any one catch the TSV pack of his? yes me too and I also got the Vagabond before it sold out so I have huge pressies on the way can't wait to share them with you. You can't see very well but I have used one of Tim's new stamp sets from CHA called 'ADVERTS' these are going to be fantastic for so many mix media projects as well as tons of other stuff. I was concentrating on getting the shine of the PPs though.

Here is another ATC same Perfect Pearls PP used on the chandelier, this time you can see the image but not the shine. I am really happy with the back grounds on these ATCs I didn't want to add to much, as I wanted some of the focus to be on the back ground. I love your comments and thoughts. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 18 February 2011

Another book mark?

At the lovely group 'the artist nest' we are making Book Marks with the title 'Whimsical Houses' and here is mine. A little different than what could be considered my normal style (if I indeed have one?) This bookmark uses all sorts of mediums. Paint, watercolour, pencils and ink! I am not the best drawer in the world (not by a long chalk) but I have to admit this was really fun to do! I did the inside too (I still can't believe I did this).

This is where my ink pen came out and I decided to draw the whole of the inside, very whimsical I think! lol.

Now to all you lucky people who saw Tim at 'Art from the heart' I hope you really enjoyed your time with Tim. I was at AFTH Wed. and bought some of Tims brand new CHA 2011 stamps and I saw Mario, (must be way cold here for him, as there was no sign of his knees (well known for only ever wearing shorts) and I could here tim, he was hiding away in the back some where. Oh well next time I may have the money and be quick enough to get one of those golden tickets. So I am looking to live through those who were able to go so I want to see what you got up to to let me know. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Book Marks!

Monday Monday la la la la la. Nice tune this now that's in your head (sorry) lol I thought I would share these book marks with you. The first one is for a group I belong to called The Artist Nest Having been a member for just over a month I really love the different challenges they offer and the women are just a really lovely group of kind hearted and talented bunch I am so blessed they allowed me to join. The title was to be 'Whimsical houses' And toadstool for fairy's had already been done lol so I had a play with some oil pastels and came up with a light house.

Here is a close up of the poem I attached. The Lord is always there to see us through those dangerous and dark times he is the light than can save us if we but ask.

Next is another group I have very recently joined and also lovely people and really welcoming. Bella's Creations Thanks every one. I am sure I mentioned in the last post I joined Oh La La I like the art they make and this book mark is no different. We were given an image (like the post before of the couple) and we had to incorporate it into a Chinese NY book mark or a Valentine one. Never been a lover of making oriental I have no idea why as I like looking at it no problem. So I opted for Valentine and I am happy with how this turned out.

Here's a close up of the wee bunny isn't he a cutie? Any way I love that he is the king of hearts as he can pull hearts together and we can all have that special someone to share the special day with. My husband is very special and I adore him so much my soul mate whom I will spend all eternity with. Such a comforting thought.

I hope you manage to spend some time with that some one special. If your beloved is no longer with us then think about the wonderful times you have had together and smile. And if you would like some one special in your life but haven't been fortunate enough as yet, then make your self ready in what ever way you think you need and when your ready and not thinking about finding him/her then that's just when they often turn up. Have a wonderful Valentines day. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Compendium of Curiosities #31

Hello, You don't often see me on a Saturday, however, I really wanted to join a couple of challenges one is with a new group I have joined it's called Bella Creations There are many groups within BC you can join but I just had to join the group called Ooh La La And the image used here is the one we were asked to use So I have printed it on to sticky canvass. I am also entering Linda's Rusty Enamel challenge from Tim Holtz CC book Page 49 this week.

Here is a close up of the image and you can quite clearly see the enamel work too! There was some little pieces of sticky canvass left. Although not big enough for an image I used it for the Paris stamp so add as an embellishment. Well nice to be here on a Saturday for a change. see you soon. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 11 February 2011

Faith Hope & Cherrytree Swap

Hello, and good afternoon to you all. I have joined an amazing swap that Sharon from Faith Hope & Cherrytea has organised. I have been so excited about posting my gift out and receiving my package in return. Well today it arrived and I am so very thrilled with the contents. My partner's name is Lorene she has a beautiful blog of interior design (I believe this is what she does for a living). Well her beautiful package has arrived to my home today, YAY!

A lovely TC&S I think you can agree is lovely. This is one of her mothers who is now passed and as her mother loved England (London) She thinks her mum will be delighted that some of her TC&S ends back here in England. I love the lavender cushion (very British) and I love them. I asked for a hand made card and she has made one for me (a personal touch) as well as some lovely things to help make any cup cakes I make, look wonderful. The beautiful pin (attached to the cushion) and a lovely heart to hand in my bedroom (it's already on my wardrobe Lorane) The lovely stickers which I know will come in handy, being a crafter I'll find a use for them. Not forgetting the wonderful table runner (I think that is what it is) I didn't get the beautiful edging of it in these photos but be assured it's very pretty.

Here is a close up. I would be grateful if any of you can let me know any thing about this lovely TC&S you can click on the photo to make it larger but it says JP and it's marked France. the flowers are small and delicate and I really do like the pattern. Now the only thing worrying me is 1. I didn't take any photos of the package I sent and 2. I sent my package to her on the 29th of Jan and she still hasn't got it yet (it's going to Athens) and Lorene sent hers after me and it arrived today and poor Lorene is still waiting. So I am hoping she can e-mail me later and tell me it's arrived. Have a wonderful week end. Speak soon. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Journal 'What do you Love'?

Morning all, Gosh am I tired this morning I have not been feeling well, It's my turn for a horrid virus (cold sore throat runny nose) and I have had it over a week now. (that's what you get when you stop taking your Echinacea)! Any way on to love and it's in the air. Hubby and I went on a date last night. We went to see a film & had Mexican after ward very lovely night out. And he is the top of my Love list along with my children and of course God my lord and saviour. And although I thought about doing a page on all of them my creative mind wouldn't stretch that far with my blasted cold. And so it was my other little loves in the house (oops sorry Lola don't tell her she will be most upset) my lovely Cats.

And here's their close up! they deserve one doncha think? ha ha. I really wanted to get across the characters of them so I had a doodle on their photos. This was so funny made me laugh seeing them there in front of me like this lol I hope you can see the funny side too. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Baby Vintage (look) box

Hello, Well It's finally finished, and I am happy with it. I tried all sorts before I came to this finished product. My cousin (Helen) had her first child last week A little boy who they have named Leo William. oh and what a beautiful boy he is. They didn't know the sex as they decided to have a surprise. I was going to go all pink if it was a girl, but as he's a boy I really didn't want to do blue it just didn't look right and I wanted a Victorian vintage shabby kind of feel with out it looking tacky (I know) that's why it took months to do!

Here's the outside, this was one of those bare pine boxes I used gesso to cover it all (a couple of coats) then I used Laura Ashley paint 'Creamware' isn't it lovely Added some wonderful brade trim some stamps and clear embossed them. My gold pen to colour the hinges and fastening. On the top I used some vintage lace and a Victorian photo of a baby boy and also edged it with some pearl & ribbon trim to frame the photo, it just looked too bare on it's own.

Finally in side I used some wonderful paper so lovely from Graphic 45 I love the sheets I bought (defo have the strokeability factor ha ha) Know I just need to think what to put in side. ( a voucher for the baby at least) but I wanted to put some baby things in of a vintage nature like an old nappy pin with blue enamel top (for a boy) any other suggestions I am really struggling here HELP! as I really want to get this off in the post by the end of next week. I really hope you like my baby box. Have a lovely Tuesday. Love Dawn xx 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Gothic arch & Ginger snap challenges.

Happy Monday to you. Hope you managed to have some craft time over the week end. I don't seem to have stopped and it's been so much fun! However, painful at first working through lack of mojo. But I kept pushing and flicking through blog land and magazines and sticking bits down and painting and pretty soon my mojo had no choice but to return. As I was really rubbish with out it lol. So on to challenge one Gothic Arch they want a queen. So one of the most popular queens, I think in the craft world any way, is Marie Antoinette. And I have a wonderful set of stamps from Oxford impressions to help me out. Challenge number two is with Ginger Snap Creations is Kings & Queens so you can chose both or either one. I saw some lovely inspiration on there blog and there is plenty of time to enter with GSC.

Here is the close up. Of  queenie. Isn't she elegant?tottering around in tiny shoes. A bloggy friend of mine (and yours) Terri loves anything to do with her and has been to Paris to the Versailles (saying that she has more goodies involving MA again), so pop over if you have time. What a place, she had photos of the fabrics and furniture and of course all the china. We love a good bit of china. I am involved in a china swap there is a link on top right side bar. So more of this when I receive my goodies. It's all very exciting. Any way hope you like this little offering please pop along to the blogs and join in. It's always lovely reading what you have to say so thank you for any comments you leave. Oh and I seem to have gained a few more followers so welcome to you, how you find some inspiration and don't be shy leave a comment, we're all really friendly here aren't we girls? ;0) Love Dawn xx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

A tag & challenges

A very late good evening to you. I have to get this up now as the CCC#30 is almost at dead line and I really wanted to enter this week. I am also entering in to the Stamp Smith as their challenge is royalty. I have used the technique on page 48 for Linda's Tim challenge. And with Simon Say's Stamp & show it's all about embossing (the back ground is all embossed) and highlighted with rub on paint.

This is a real cracking set from the Stamp Smith as there all rock legends, which also include Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin. I can see these stamps coming handy for the men in my life. And the images all come in two sizes, which is handy. I have also incorporated the Andy Wahol design. Did you know that Jim Morrison met Andy Warhol, He gave Jim a gold telephone and told him he could speak to God, Jim took the phone drunk out of the building and gave it to a passer by lol.  I hope you like the tag and have a look at the challenge blogs I am joining in. I am joining in. Enjoy what's left of the week end. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 4 February 2011


Friday, it's the week end (well almost ha ha). There is going to be an activity evening at my church on the 18th Feb. and it's for families. So I thought rather than just ask a few people to come I would make a few invites using nothing but scrap paper. I was so thrilled with the out come I thought I would share, hope you like them.

Here's a close up. They weren't difficult to make at all as you can see, but I just thought I would pop a couple to neighbours and friends. It's more personal and I like that about these. Have a wonderful week end be safe and keep warm and try to do some craft. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Compendium of Curiosities #30

The weather was wonderful this morning. Blue skies and sun shining, but it didn't last long the wind has picked up and we're looking at lots of rain over the week end. So my shopping is done and I am going to craft so ner ner to you rain ha ha. I am Joining in with Linda and lots of others playing with Tim's book, this is from page 48 so if you would like to play along pop over to Linda's and join in the fun! And as Simon says S&S theme is of Love I thought I would use it for that challenge too.

Here is the close up, I had fun playing with paint & papers and I hope you like it too. This is a late posting today for me but I have been out and couldn't get to the computer this morning. I have been looking through some charity shops and got a great 'Jam pot' this is obviously donkey's years old but they are the best I think ;0) and also some bit's of leather some odd buttons (crafting is always on my mind) and the most stunning hammered pewter spoon. What have you found of late? Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February Journal Page

Yes at last February. This is my calender Journal page. I hope you like it, I have finished March too but you will have to wait and see lol. I have spotted an error but it's only for my use so I will leave it (FebUary) yes missed the R doh!


Here are the pages side by side (click on to make larger) I have used lots of paint from Claudia I wanted it to have a love theme, hence the red and some Tim Holtz to make the numbers (days of the month).

It was nice to make this little cute couple aah sweet. It's always nice to show you something I have been working on too. I am also going to enter this in Simon Says stamp and show there are lots of stamps behind the days of the month ans I also used a stamp wheel on the top and bottom with some distress powder. Is any one having problems with fire fox and blogger? I have had to use google to post as it's just not letting me comment or post. Be back soon Love Dawn xx


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